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'They Pimped You': Rob Parker Rips Browns For Treatment of Baker Mayfield

Chris Broussard: “Should they get rid of Baker or should they bring him back?”

Rob Parker: “The Cleveland Browns should be ashamed of themselves for what they put Baker Mayfield through. I’m not saying he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but this guy has tried to play through injuries all year for them, and I think it’s wrong for people to pile on this guy. Last year he played well, they won 11 games and won a playoff game against their archrivals the Steelers by blowing them out. They could have given him a new contract after last season and they didn’t. They asked this guy this year to go out there, grit it out, fight through it, and try for your team to make it work because they had a ‘Super Bowl roster’. Isaiah Thomas did that for the Celtics one year and came back early from an injury to play and guess what that got him? No $100 million contract. That’s why you don’t play hurt, Baker Mayfield, especially when you haven’t gotten your contract. THEY PIMPED YOU. The Cleveland Browns pimped you, Baker Mayfield, and they will use you as a scapegoat and say you’re 'terrible'. Boy, have people forgotten about a year ago. Nobody was ripping Baker a year ago when they won a playoff game without their head coach. Now they’re acting like he’s the worst of the worst and he’s the plague. It ain’t right, and Baker Mayfield wasn’t right most of the year, let’s just be honest. Anybody who will sit here and act like he was completely healthy and played this poorly is misleading you and giving you a false narrative. If you hear that on any other show, turn the station.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip the Cleveland Browns for the way they treated Baker Mayfield this season, as Rob says the Browns franchise essentially used and abused the young quarterback by allowing him to play injured this season in the hopes that they could make a Super Bowl run with a super-talented roster.

Mayfield had the worst statistical season of his career while he battled through shoulder injuries all season. He will miss Week 18 after electing to undergo immediate surgery to repair a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder, but Mayfield had suffered at least three shoulder dislocations over the course of 2021.

After throwing only 17 touchdown passes in 13 games and totaling just 215.0 passing yards per game with an 83.1 QB rating, most media members and fans alike have denounced Mayfield as the reason Cleveland’s season imploded late in the year, despite the fact that Mayfield was obviously playing hurt.

Last season the Browns went 11-5 and blew out the Steelers in the AFC Wildcard round before losing a nailbiter to the Chiefs in the Divisional Round at Arrowhead Stadium. Mayfield had career-bests in TD-INT ratio (26/8), passer rating (95.9), and QBR (65.5).

Check out the segment above as Rob blasts the Browns organization for ‘pimping out’ Mayfield, who is still without a new contract heading into his fifth and final season on his rookie deal.

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