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LeBron Wants to Throw Frank Vogel Under the Bus After Awful Offseason Moves

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Ben Maller: “Someone in Los Angeles is about to be the FALL guy. You gotta have a scapegoat and Frank Vogel checks all the boxes. Vogel is the perfect person to throw under the bus. He’s a rather generic coach who has bounced around -- that’s the kind of guy who is expendable. With Frank Vogel I imagine the trope from an old classic Hollywood movie, where Frank Vogel is holding on to the end of this frazzled rope by his fingers and it’s a literal cliffhanger. One by one each finger is losing its grip because LeBron James is peeling away finger after finger with an evil laugh. This has all the makings of a King James screenplay. They sold their soul for LeBron and when you do business with LeBron it’s LeBron’s way or the highway and that's what we’re seeing here as a direct result. LeBron has built and finagled this roster, and it’s like making soup out of sewer water – no matter how much garlic, pepper, and spice you put in the stew, if you’re starting with sewer water it ain’t going to be that good. This concoction was signed by LeBron. No one wants to admit that they’re wrong, but there’s overwhelming empirical data that shows that the Lakers roster is fubar. Whether LeBron wants to admit it or not, the Russell Westbrook trade was a debacle. Carmelo Anthony made a few three-point shots; he’s a one-trick pony and he’s washed up. The parts don’t fit together in the puzzle. LeBron cannot admit that the sky is blue and water is wet. LeBron is soon going to hit the defense mechanism and blame Frank Vogel. ‘IT CAN’T BE MY FAULT, I BUILT THE ROSTER, AND I’M EFFIN’ BRILLIANT!’" (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks LeBron James can’t wait to scapegoat Frank Vogel amid the Lakers’ disastrous 2022 campaign that has seen the Lakers go from the betting favorite to win the NBA Finals to a .500 team who just lost by 37 to the Nuggets.

The Lakers’ rambunctious offseason has been met with laughable results. Russell Westbrook is averaging just 13.7 points on .324 shooting in the month of January, and has made just two three-pointers since December 29th (2-21). Anthony Davis is broken, Carmelo Anthony’s scoring has gone down every month, Dwight Howard has turned into a benchwarmer, Malik Monk can’t defend, and Isaiah Thomas is severely washed.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why the franchise’s defacto GM, LeBron, will never admit that he was wrong bringing in Carmelo, Westbrook, and Howard, and will instead just use Vogel as a human shield for the team’s freefall.

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