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Why Naomi Osaka's Reaction to a Heckler Makes All Female Athletes Look Bad

Ben Maller: “There is a common theme here of Naomi Osaka struggling to deal with the requirements of her job, everyone makes excuses for her saying it’s not her fault and it’s somebody else’s fault. They always cover for her being incapable of doing her job… She knows again that she can cash in here. There were ulterior motives in play. She knows victimhood means big money. She’s living that life and knows you can get really wealthy playing the victim card. Every teardrop is worth extra endorsement dollars. The advertisers eat this stuff up. By virtue-signaling she was able to make this ALL about her. The story is her being triggered by some random jabroni in the crowd heckling her. You can’t use the ‘THIS WAS SEXIST, THIS WAS A MAN ATTACKING A FEMALE ATHLETE!’, no, you can’t use that card because it was another woman. It was ‘girl on girl’ heckling is what it was. This was nothing. ‘YOU SUCK!’ – that is ‘Happy Gilmore’ heckling is what that is. It’s child’s play. Imagine the chutzpah of asking for the microphone to address the crowd DURING the match and thinking that you could get away with that? Clearly, there was a safe space needed here. Naomi Osaka is the world’s highest-paid active female athlete, that is why this story matters. This is not a chump, she’s the face of active female athletes as far as the top of the money game, Osaka is right there. This kind of activity makes all female athletes look bad. TOUGHEN UP, BUTTERCUP. We are advocates of the fans’ ‘bill of rights.’ I am a supporter of heckling. I know there is a war on heckling right now in the sporting world but heckling goes with the territory, it’s part of the job. Not everyone is going to like you and especially if you’re in the public eye. Weakness will be attacked, and you buy a ticket – and you pay way too much for these tickets – and if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can heckle. If you can’t handle the smack talk as an athlete then you should probably do something else. We need to stop coddling the athletes who are triggered by the heckling. I’ve heard a lot of ‘WELL, PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE! HECKLERS NEED TO STOP HECKLING!’ Humans are hard-wired to heckle at sporting events and this goes back to the Roman Coliseum days… This is not only a sports issue, this is about any Live performance. If you want to compete on the big stage, whether it’s athletically, politically, comedy, you name it, you’re going to have to handle this. The term ‘peanut gallery’ started from Live comedy shows. People would chuck peanuts if they didn’t like the show that was being performed. Politicians are bombarded with trolls. It’s part of life when you’re in the spotlight. These athletes like Naomi Osaka are like ‘NO, THEY’RE BEING MEAN TO ME!’... STOP it’s not all about YOU. Naomi Osaka is laughing all the way to the bank and a number of bleeding hearts in the media will say how 'sad; it is and ‘TENNIS HAS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!’ It’s sad how we’ve gotten to a point where the media is so sympathetic to these weak and pathetic athletes.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller rip Naomi Osaka for a bizarre incident over the weekend where the former world’s no. 1 women's tennis player left the court in tears during the match after a female heckler in the crowd screamed ‘NAOMI, YOU SUCK!’ at the Indian Wells Masters.

Osaka was visibly shaken by the fan’s remark as cameras showed Osaka hysterically crying, and at one point Osaka even tried to use the umpire’s microphone in the middle of the match to directly address the heckler.

Check out the video above as Maller calls out Osaka for once again resorting to victimhood, as Maller says it’s now become her most profitable talent.

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