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Jaguars Signing Christian Kirk Was the Worst Move of the NFL Offseason

Jason Smith: “Christian Kirk getting four years and up to $84 million from the Jaguars? This is a guy who the number three receiver with the Cardinals who has just been ‘OK’. I get you have a lot of money, and I get you have to fill a lot of holes, but this is one of those ‘why are we overpaying for this guy??’ Why are you overpaying for Christian Kirk? I get you have to spend a little bit more money to get somebody to come to you because you’re not quite sure how things are going to go with Trevor Lawrence, but man, Christian Kirk is ‘just a guy.’ If you want to give him a couple years and $16-$17 million OK, but four years and $84 million?? Davante Adams could literally say ‘hey, you saw this contract? I deserve $30 million a year’, and who is going to say ‘no’? If Christian Kirk is worth $21 million a year, Davante Adams is worth $40 million when you compare what he’s doing with Christian Kirk. The rest of the league is going ‘oh man, all these receivers are all going to want so much money now, what are we going to do?’ This is just an awful deal for Jacksonville.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio's Jason Smith rip the Jacksonville Jaguars for giving former Cardinals wide receiver Christian Kirk a four-year, $72 million contract, despite Kirk never having posted a 1,000-yard season during his four-year NFL career.

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