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LaVar Arrington: Gisele Must Accept that Football is Tom Brady's True Love

LaVar Arrington: “Gisele has to accept that football is Tom Brady’s true love. That’s his love and she's got to play a sloppy second role to football, and that just is what it is. I’m sorry, it needs to be said.”

Brady Quinn: “I think he realized it wasn’t for him. He got home with the kids and he’s like ‘wait, this is what all you dudes do when I’m practicing and getting ready?… OK, I’m going to take my a** back to football!' If I’m still leading the league in yards and touchdown passes I’m going to do this till the wheels fall off because I don’t want to transition to this. I want to transition to ‘grandfather mode’, I want to get to where I’ve got the kids for a little bit, I take care of them, then I give them back, like I don’t have to actually deal with them 24/7. That’s my theory on it, I think he literally got to the point where he has missed an entire phase of staying at home and being around his kids where he was just like ‘oh, no….NO, I’m just going to play until I become a grandfather.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, and Jonas Knox discuss Tom Brady’s shocking announcement that he’s ending his retirement after just 40 days, as the guys try to come up with theories on why the 44-year-old Brady appeared to get such cold feet on the idea of leaving the NFL forever.  

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