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The Real Reason Russell Wilson Left the Seahawks

Photo: Justin Edmonds

Colin Cowherd: “This was Russell’s decision, and there are three reasons for it. Number one: he won a Super Bowl and a few years later in 2018 the Seahawks went and visited Josh Allen’s Pro Day. Russell was always sensitive to that because he got ditched by his college coach at North Carolina State, that’s why he had to transfer to Wisconsin. Even though he was the best player on his team, his coach said he was too small and he was going to go with Mike Glennon. Russell was sensitive to it. The second thing they did – increasingly over the last 4 or 5 years Russell is just getting the ‘you know what’ beat out of him. They can’t get the offensive line right and Russell wants to play until he’s 45. He looks at the protection Tom Brady had at New England, he looks at the protection Aaron Rodgers has in Green Bay, as the Packers are always drafting offensive lines. Russell is like ‘I’m going to play until 37 years old and fall apart.' The third reason, and I’ve had Greg Olsen tell me this too, Seattle and Pete Carroll are running a 1999 offense. It’s just Jurassic and it’s outdated, and then they ask Russell Wilson to be a hero with four minutes left on the clock and win it… This is an outdated offense and I’ve had multiple Seattle Seahawks tell me that it’s too much run-oriented. You have too many smart 'offensive' guys in the division – McVay, Kingsbury, Shanahan – and this league is no longer allowing 'defensive' guys. Vic Fangio, fired, Mike Zimmer, fired, Pete Carroll and Belichick are struggling. Russell Wilson looked around and I said ‘I deserve a better offense, I deserve more progressive coaching, I need BETTER’ and that’s why he chose Denver. Offensive coach, excellent weapons, and embracing football in 2022 – OFFENSE, OFFENSE, OFFENSE.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson ultimately forced his way out of Seattle and onto the Broncos, as Colin believes there are three reasons why the future Hall of Famer wanted off one of the most successful franchises of the last decade.

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