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Colin Cowherd: 'Turbulence' Summed Up Baker Mayfield's Career in Cleveland

Colin Cowherd: “This is going to be the conclusion of Baker with the Cleveland Browns. I’m not going to go on, and on, and one, but you know I was right, you know how I felt, so no reason to waste time patting myself on the back… People show you who they are. He showed everybody what he was in college, at the Senior Bowl, there were ugly reports calling out the medical staff…people show you what they are. Even the way he is leaving Cleveland is who he is. I have nothing against the kid but his classic line of ‘TRADE ME TO THE COLTS!’, it doesn’t work that way, bruh. You don’t tell teams where you get traded unless your Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson and have a no-trade clause. This isn’t college football, you can’t enter the transfer portal and go wherever you want.  You’re probably going to go to Seattle, which has a bad o-line, and they don’t have Nick Chubb, so good luck with that in a tougher division. He was always too emotional, too often snarky, too much of an ego, not nearly as talented as he thought, and it ended how it started – TURBULENCE. According to Mary Cay Cabot, Baker was going to hold out this year. Congratulations, you supported him for years, and I told you -- people show you what they are. He was going to hold out and upend the entire franchise because he didn’t get what he wanted.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Baker Mayfield's untimely exodus from the Cleveland Browns, as the former no. 1 overall pick will soon be on his way out the door in the wake of the Deshaun Watson blockbuster trade.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Mayfield’s ill-fated run with the Browns was always predictable.

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