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Here's What Colin Cowherd Said About Matt Ryan's Trade to the Colts

Colin Cowherd: “I think this is great for the Colts. He’s the perfect remedy for Carson Wentz, who was wildly talented but was ‘up-down, up-down, up-down’…you know exactly what you get with Matt Ryan. Atlanta is going to pay a lot of the salary so he’s only going to be a $24 million cap hit, that’s it for Indy. That’s incredibly manageable. Matt Ryan is steady, great at the line of scrimmage, very nice distributor…he is a declining, older quarterback, but they just got to the playoffs two years ago with Philip Rivers, and Matt is better than Philip Rivers. This is terrific for the Colts. A grown-up. When you say ‘Matt Ryan, great o-line, Jonathan Taylor, good defense’, that feels like a playoff team. It would absolutely be a playoff team in the NFC, who knows if they can make it in the AFC. This morning I feel like they can win the division with that group. That’s great for the Colts and you only gave up a third-round pick. Secondly, it’s a win for Matt Ryan. He finally gets an elite o-line and a star running back. He leaves a wonky division and goes to a wonky division. This is not a loss for Matt Ryan. He gets his money and he gets better protection. Atlanta was a mess for him. Calvin Ridley was suspended for a year and they just lost Russell Gage to Tampa. He loses a tight end, but they were a mess at wide receiver. He just escaped that thing and went to a playoff roster.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Monday’s trade between the Atlanta Falcons, and Indianapolis Colts that saw former MVP Matt Ryan get dealt to the Colts for a third-round pick.

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