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Why the Gap Between Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers Was Never that Far

Colin Cowherd: “Matt Stafford agreed to a 4-year, $160 million deal. That sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but Matthew Stafford took LESS than he could have received. This is the rare very smart move taking less money. He’s worth more than $40 million. Anybody notice the AT&T commercial he is in? One year in LA and he’s already got a national commercial. Stafford had a really good year but he’s trying to shift a legacy. His cap hit is only 6.7%, half of Aaron Rodgers. Most of you think of Aaron Rodgers as an all-time great and Stafford as ‘really talented’, but Stafford was a much better high school quarterback, he was no. 1 in the country. Aaron had to go to a junior college. Stafford was a much better college quarterback, he was picked no. 1. Aaron went in the 20’s. Stafford was also a much better NFL quarterback in his first 4 years, and Aaron couldn’t get off the bench. Then there were 11 years where everyone fell in love with Aaron Rodgers because he was just fantastic and that I will not deny, and the Lions were mostly irrelevant and Stafford couldn’t overcome the nonsense with the Lions. But after ONE SINGLE YEAR with a functioning franchise look at their playoff resumes:
Stafford: 4-3 in playoffs, 1 Super Bowl, 3 game-winning drives, 299.4 YPG, 66.9%, 8.2 YPA, 99.0 passer rating.
Rodgers: 11-10 in playoffs, 1 Super Bowl, 2 game-winning drives, 267.9 YPG, 64.7%, 7.6 YPA, 100.1 passer rating.
Stafford led the NFL in second-half passer rating and was the best fourth quarter quarterback in the NFL. With four or five good years to end his career, I think you're going to look at he and Aaron Rodgers much differently."

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Matthew Stafford has closed the gap between him and Aaron Rodgers, and why Stafford is in the midst of a legacy rebuild that will greatly change the way we look at Stafford’s career when compared to the best players of his era.

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