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Internet Trolls Vanderbilt Athletics Over Logo Change

Photo: Doug Pensinger

Vanderbilt University's athletics program announced its new logo on Tuesday (March 22) and numerous users on social media were not in favor of the change.

Vanderbilt Athletics shared a reveal video on their verified Twitter account, which detailed the private college's history and concluded with the new logo, a gold letter "V," which replaced its much more popular "Star V" logo.

"We’ve launched a refreshed visual identity designed to reflect our forward momentum and to build pride and visibility across the institution and athletics program," Vanderbilt Athletics posted.

USA TODAY's Christian D'Andrea, a Vanderbilt University alum, called the new logo "a tremendous self-inflicted wound" in an article about the change published on Tuesday.

"That new vision, and I cannot state this plainly enough, sucks," D'Andrea wrote. "Vanderbilt University gave a small but passionate fanbase a change they did not ask for. They eliminated an recognizable icon of their faith with a generic, video game create-a-team, Microsoft Word-looking logo that is the opposite of special. It’s rote. It’s cliche. It’s the Villanova logo in a different gradient."

"Vanderbilt" was also trending on Twitter after the name change with numerous sports fans joking at the university's expense.