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Chicago Cubs Fans Fight Each Other in Wrigley Field Bleachers

Wrigley Field is famously known as "the Friendly Confines," but an incident on Tuesday night proved to be the exact opposite.

Multiple Chicago Cubs fans were seen fighting in a video shared on social media.

The video, shared by Twitter user @BleacherBumTodd, initially shows two fans grabbing each other as one fan has the other pinned down on the bleacher seat.

A Wrigley Field security member separates the two men before a third fan wearing a blue hoodie under a Cubs jersey gets involved and shares punches with the fan who was initially pinning the other man down during the altercation before security finally breaks up the fight.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised for foul language.

As the fans are being escorted out, another man, who appears to be visibly drunk while a cup of beer in hand, states, "he's my ride home" multiple times to the camera as one of the men is being detained, which led to another person responding, "I don't think you're getting a ride home from them, buddy."

The incident took place during the Cubs' 3-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox, though it appears to have only involved fans wearing Cubs gear and not supporters of their crosstown rival.

No additional information about the incident has been provided at the time of publication on Wednesday (May 4).

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