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Colin Cowherd Defends Dillon Brooks After Dirty Play that Led to Ejection

Colin Cowherd: “Dillon Brooks tackled a member of the Warriors last night. It’s important ‘when’ he tackled him, and nobody is talking about that. He tackled him very early in the game right out of the shoot. Why was that? Because they were sending a message: ‘we may be kids, but Golden State, you’re not pushing us around.’ I heard this all day ‘THERE IS NO ROOM FOR WHAT DILLON BROOKS DID!’ There actually is some room for it, it’s called the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons, and Ray Lewis’ Baltimore Ravens. There is all sorts of room for aggressiveness, semi-violence, intimidation, and sticking up for yourself. Ya’ll are out there glamorizing the ‘good ole days’ of the NBA. This was 1992. They’ve done ’30 for 30’s on moves like that. Do you know what they never did a ’30 for 30’ on? The Denver Nuggets team that scored 130 a night. Fat Lever, Dan Issel, Alex English, ya’ll never did a ’30 for 30’ on that. They were pretty. You did it on the Knicks and Pacers series, and only two guys in that series could shoot. You glamorized MJ punching Steve Kerr. [Baby voice] Awww, he knocked him down, he got hurt! Yeah, I don’t want guys getting hurt, but you guys are the ones doing ’30 for 30’s. That Steve Nash Suns team? Where is the ’30 for 30’ for that? This happens all the time, and then you get punished for it. It’s called defending yourself and it’s why Dillon Brooks did it right out of the gate. They set the tone early, ‘you’re going to do this to our guy, we’re going to do this to your guy.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd defend Dillon Brooks after the Grizzlies guard was ejected early in the first quarter of Game 2 of their second-round series after clobbering Warriors player Gary Payton II while in mid-air on a layup attempt.

Payton II fractured his elbow when he had to brace for impact with the floor following the aerial collision, and most around the league thought it was a dirty play that had very dangerous implications the moment Brooks decided he was going to make contact with Payton II in the air.

Check out the video above, however, as Colin details why the Grizzlies needed to send a message to a Warriors team they aren't intimidated by.

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