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Colin Cowherd Chooses Between Giannis or NBA Hall of Famers in Their Prime

Watch Colin Cowherd play a game of ‘The Greek vs. the Greats’ in Wednesday’s ‘Best For Last’ segment, as Colin chooses whether he would rather have Giannis Antetokounmpo or some of the greatest NBA players of all time in their prime.

Giannis or Kevin Durant? GIANNIS

Giannis or Steph Curry? GIANNIS

Giannis or James Harden? GIANNIS

Giannis or Shaquille O’Neal? SHAQ

Giannis or Tim Duncan? GIANNIS

Giannis or Dirk Nowitzki? GIANNIS

Giannis or Kevin Garnett? GIANNIS

Giannis or Kobe Bryant? GIANNIS

Giannis or LeBron James? LEBRON

 Most Notable Selections:

Giannis over Durant: “First of all, Giannis is going to age better and have a longer prime. KD is the great offensive player but he’s been nicked up now for about four years. Also, KD is a wanderer. Can you really build around KD? I know I can build around Giannis for the next ten years in Milwaukee and that has huge value to me.”
Giannis over Duncan: “It’s close but not as close as you think and here’s why. First of all, Duncan had a lot more help with Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and maybe the best coach of his generation, but Duncan only averaged over 25 once. Duncan was ‘The Great Fundamental’ but he’s not going to give you 40 and 50-point games in big spots. Duncan had one season averaging over 25, Giannis has averaged over that for five straight years.”
Giannis over Kobe: “Remember, Kobe was a volume scorer, he was not efficient. Giannis is efficient. Kobe was a very good defender for about five years, but early on in his career and late he wasn’t. This one is hard, these aren’t easy questions!”

Check out the FULL segment above.

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