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Colin Cowherd Says NBA Needs to Make This Rule Change ASAP to Jolt Sport

Colin Cowherd: “Analytics is overwhelmingly hurting sports not named the NFL. In baseball, it’s hurting the game. There are fewer hits, fewer runs, less activity, they need to get rid of the defensive shift, lower the mound, more base runners…there’s just not enough activity. Ratings and attendance have been declining. The consumer is telling you that they’re not as engaged in baseball as they were 15 years ago. Although the ratings are up for the NBA playoffs I don’t think the games are as good. You can shorten it down to a 3 or 5-game series to create urgency but the owners are not going to do that so you’re stuck with 7-game series and blowouts. Three-point attempts in the NBA have gone from 20.1 a game in 2012-2013 to 35.6 in 2021-2022. You’re probably at your best when it’s in the mid-to-high 20s. It’s trending up from 35 and it’s too much. The 1997-1998 Bulls were arguably the greatest basketball team ever. Go to their last series against Utah – with one exception in Game 3, the other games were 88-85, 93-88, 86-82, 83-81, and 87-86. That is a team who never won a title against the greatest team, greatest coach, and greatest player ever. It was simply harder to blow people out, even Jordan, Phil, and Scottie. All these leagues could have rules to make it all offense, but defense matters too. You can’t make shorter series, but here’s what you can do… make three-point shots easier to defend. I would take out the corner three [shows graphic of his idea], therefore allowing defenses to more easily defend angle threes and top of the key threes. Steph Curry is still going to hit his, but when you don’t have to defend the corner it makes it easier. I would also probably move it out two or three more inches. I don’t’ want to see centers shooting threes, make it harder for the bigs. I love the NBA but if you’re going to have 40 threes and it’s that easy for these athletes now… the quality of skill in the NBA is insane. Everybody can shoot and handle the ball. Just make the three a little tougher, it’s okay. The NFL and NBA have aided offense because that’s what the fans like, I just think it’s a little too easy now.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain what rule changes he thinks the NBA should adopt to make its brand of basketball more competitive, as these NBA Playoffs have largely seen a wave of blowout scores that have taken away much of the drama.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks offense has gotten too ‘easy’.

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