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Colin Cowherd Explains How the Lakers Can Resurrect Their Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “The Lakers have hired a new head coach and his name is Darvin Ham. Two words – good luck. People are surprised the Lakers didn’t go out for a big name. I would have taken Doc Rivers, I’m okay with Darvin Ham but he is the sixth coach in 11 years. Not every mess you can figure out quickly. The biggest way to make a second mess is to get impatient. I think you can make the argument – keep Westbrook for a year, it will be awful and toxic like it was last year, and LeBron won’t like it, the fans won’t like it, it’s probably not great for the brand, you’ll get ripped for another year, but then you’ll have space. It’s not like this in football or baseball, in order to trade a bad contract in the NBA you have to inherit bad contracts – they’re trying to avoid ‘tanking';  silly but it works. My argument is why not just go into this year, it’s absolutely awful, Darvin Ham is not going to get fired, the Lakers are not going to have a 7th coach in 12 years. Darvin Ham’s first year could very well be year 2. Inherit the mess, don’t make rash decisions, keep Westbrook’s contract, he’ll take the hit and so will the franchise – not you [Ham]. Yes, LeBron may not like it, but he’s doubled his net worth here. Want to go play in Cleveland or Philadelphia? Join KD in Brooklyn? I don’t think so. LeBron likes it here and his family likes it here. When I look at this situation I think ‘How do you succeed?’ CLEAR THE BOOKS. As much as possible, clear the books. That’s the only way I see this succeeding.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain how newly-hired Darvin Ham can attempt to clean up the pathetic mess that is currently the Los Angeles Lakers, as Colin thinks there is only one way to stop this wildfire of a roster.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the front office needs to just let this fire burn to the ground.

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