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Jason Whitlock Calls Tim Anderson a 'Drama Queen' After Josh Donaldson Feud

Doug Gottlieb: “What’s your sense of what really happened here?”

Jason Whitlock: “What really happened is that Tim Anderson is a drama queen, beta male, emotionally controlled...he let Josh Donaldson troll him into an emotional response, and instead of being a man and saying ‘hey, I lost my cool and overreacted’, he played the race card and the White Sox all co-signed it out of fear that if they didn’t they would be considered 'racist' as well. Calling someone ‘Jackie’ after they’ve called themselves ‘Jackie Robinson’ in a magazine article is about as tame as it gets in terms of on-court trash-talking and Tim Anderson is the weak person here because he overreacted and blew it into something that it’s not. In our era, if someone came into the locker room complaining about this you’d probably get beat up in my era for coming in and complaining about it. You’d get laughed out of the gym in your era [talking to Doug].”

Gottlieb: “How did we get to the point where the default is always ‘racism’?”

Whitlock: “Social media. That’s what social media rewards and everybody is living their life for social media applause. That’s how you advance in the media space, that’s how you build a brand. Tim Anderson got to be a victim. There is no higher level of celebration in social media than being a victim. I don’t want to drag you into something but I can only talk on the analogies in my mind. George Floyd lived a life that no one would be proud of until he was a victim, and now he’s one of the most celebrated people in all of social media. There is no higher standing in social media than being a victim. Tim Anderson found a little victimhood and he’s wallowing in it.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock join The Doug Gottlieb Show to discuss the Tim Anderson/Josh Donaldson beef that took over baseball last week, as Whitlock calls out Anderson for being a ‘drama queen, beta male’ who overreacted to Donaldson’s trolling and resorted to having to pull the ‘race card’ as his only defense.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details how he thinks Anderson is ‘wallowing in victimhood', and simply trying to build up a ‘woke’ brand that will garner him popularity on social media.

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