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Chris Broussard on Kevin Durant Trade Request: 'He's a Lost Soul'

Chris Broussard: “What he looks like quite honestly is a lost soul. He looks like when the going gets tough he gets out of Dodge. He left OKC because it was tough to win a championship there and then he went to a place that had a stacked team. Why not run it back? [With Brooklyn]. If they had played out next season and it went wrong then I would understand KD being like ‘we gave it a shot, we couldn’t get it done, and I’m going to go elsewhere’, but they didn’t even give it a shot. I’ve heard that there might have been a little tension at one point but not a full falling out from Kyrie not playing and leaving KD hanging, but this is part of the ‘lost soul.’ You weren’t happy in OKC, you left there, then you leave and win two championships and two Finals MVPs with Golden State and you’re not happy there either. You even said that when you won the championship it was an ‘empty’ feeling. Then you go to Brooklyn and you’ve got your own team, you’re playing with one of your best friends in the league, the franchise is bending over backwards for you, and you’re not happy there. Where are you going to be happy?? I hate to put it this way because I hope Kevin Durant is happy, but he looks like a lost soul. I don’t believe that Kevin Durant will ever lead his OWN team to a championship. He’s not a leader by his own admission, GQ Magazine, 2017, ‘that’s not who I am.’ When it’s his team and people are looking to HIM to set the tone, build the culture, lead us, that’s not who he is. That’s not a crime but if you look at the great players who have won multiple championships or led dynasties, they were leaders and they set the culture. Now we know with all the great talent and great teammates he’s had that’s why he hasn’t gotten it done outside of going to Steph’s team. Maybe that’s why he wants to go to a team like Phoenix with Chris Paul where you’ve got a leader there, or in Miami with Jimmy Butler. They were wrong for turning over the franchise to these guys [Kyrie and KD]. On paper, they had as much as anybody and you’re not even going to run it back one time?? You haven’t even given it a try.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why Kevin Durant’s legacy continues to lose some of its luster, as Chris believes Durant’s trade demand out of Brooklyn is cementing the fact that he’ll never be the main piece of a team who leads them to a championship.

Check out the audio above as Broussard details why KD has become a ‘lost soul’ and an NBA vagabond.

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