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Pelicans Just Gave 'Greg Oden' $193 Million After Zion Williamson Max Deal

Ben Maller: “Are you going to go thumbs up or thumbs down on Zion Williamson’s max extension with the Pelicans? I’m going to go two thumbs down. Zion Williamson has simply not proven that he’s worth it. I realize there are a lot of fanboys and athlete worshippers in the media masquerading as reporters but we are big believers that you have to earn your money, we’re from the old school. I realize that doesn’t happen much in professional sports anymore but if I was running a team I would not just hand out these mega contracts. Zion Williamson is not ‘that guy.’ Instead of ‘set it and forget it’, Zion has been ‘set it and regret it.’ Essentially what New Orleans has done is give Greg Oden a max contract. Zion has been unable to walk and chew gum at the same time consistently in an NBA uniform without getting a headache. Oden played in a total of 82 games over the first three seasons in the NBA, Zion has played in a total of 85. He doesn’t deserve the contract to this point and it’s an absolute joke. What was New Orleans thinking?? Did they decide to take stupid pills out of the pharmacy? This is really pathetic for the Pelicans and comparable to a toxic relationship at this point. The Pelicans as a franchise have very low self-esteem. They believe nobody good wants to play for them and that any good players that they get are merely passing through. It’s that small-market mentality. New Orleans feels worthless. Should Zion ever start living up to his billing then I will GUARAN-EFFING-TEE you that he will say ‘BYE BYE, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE.’ If you want Zion to stick around you better feed him some of that fattening New Orleans food because those are the things that will get him to stay in the Big Easy or he’ll force his way onto a bigger stage and out of the non-boondocks of the NBA.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio explain why Zion Williamson’s $193 million max extension with the Pelicans is an ‘absolute joke’, as Maller compares Williamson to infamous NBA Draft bust Greg Oden, who washed out of the NBA after just 105 games because of chronic injuries.

Check out the segment above as Maller points out the toxic relationship between Zion and the Pelicans as one not even $193 million can fix.

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