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Why Baker Mayfield Didn't Work Out in Cleveland

Colin Cowherd: “Right now there is brand protection, Baker’s camp took a shot and leaked some stuff to bang on Kevin Stefanski, and the Browns now are firing back. There’s a story out from Jason Lloyd of The Athletic that Baker was widely viewed as ‘childish and immature', ‘his behavior annoyed some teammates’, ‘he divided the locker room’, was ‘difficult to coach’, he had a ‘beef’ with OBJ, and he was miffed by a lot of things last year, including that the in-house radio show dare to criticize him. I told you last year that Andrew Berry [Browns GM] was over Baker Mayfield. I talked to someone who knows Andrew and they were done with him. I’m going to give you a bunch of names – Jameis Winston, Baker Mayfield, Jay Cutler, Drew Lock, Johnny Manziel… all talented enough to play in the NFL, but all with major maturity issues. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s what you ‘don’t’ say. You don’t have to win every press conference. The three greatest athletes I ever saw with this quality were Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, and Tom Brady. They never turned down an interview, and they talked and talked and talked and never said anything. The media might eye roll but that’s absolutely a skill. Baker Mayfield, that dog emptied the tank with every press conference. If he lost he was snarky, if he won he was cocky, and the entire time I was saying ‘folks, you saw it when you drafted him.’ For quarterbacks, more than any position in America, it’s not just about your talent, ‘are you a grown-up?’ I watched Baker grab his ‘stuff’ in college, and plant flags, and I was like ‘bruh, this ain’t gonna work.’ It’s not a talent thing, you gotta be an adult to play that position. I don’t demand that from a linebacker, a corner, a receiver, a shooting guard… but quarterback is different. When you’re a great leader it’s not what you say, it’s knowing when NOT to say it, and that’s where Baker fails.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the saga of Baker Mayfield’s absorbing exodus from the Cleveland Browns, as Colin has had his doubts of Mayfield succeeding in the NFL even while Mayfield was a Heisman-winning quarterback at Oklahoma.

Check out the video above as Colin describes how the writing was always on the wall for Mayfield to ultimately fail in Cleveland, and why his talent never had anything to do with it.

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