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Why Bill Belichick Has Way Too Much Power in New England

Colin Cowherd: “The Bears have acquired former Patriots first-round pick N’Keal Harry for a seventh-round pick. He had 57 catches in 36 regular season games, he’s a bust. We are just two years removed from all that culture built up, all those Super Bowls, all those wins, all that momentum, sellouts… and now the Patriots, in an offensive-leaning league, have no number one receiver, arguably no number two, have a ‘meh’ quarterback who can’t make plays with his feet, and Matt Patricia is their new offensive coordinator. Was Tom Brady the crutch that took Belichick’s wobbly offensive-skilled drafting and scouting to another level? Not saying it’s true but it feels like it. We’re in a new age of football and we have pivoted very quickly away from the ball and towards the sidelines. It used to always be in the NFL you built your team from the ball out, but increasingly because of rule changes, corners, receivers, and edge rushers are becoming more valuable in this league. Some people have a better ‘feel’ for things, and it seems like Brady and Josh McDaniels were the ‘feels’ in New England and they’re both gone. In 2022 you said ‘ehhhh, I’m just gonna make Matt Patricia the offensive coordinator!’ Man, that feels like you’re mailing it in, does it not? Imagine if Sean McVay was like ‘ehhhh, I got a buddy on offense, I’m just gonna make him the defensive coordinator!’ Wouldn’t Les Snead and Stan Kroenke go ‘um, can’t we have a meeting over this? That’s not really the structure we’re looking for.’ This is what happens when you give a coach too much power. Pete Carroll had too much power, look at the Seahawks drafts the last seven years. This last draft was their best. Why? Pete had less power, he had been criticized for his draft leverage. Belichick has had weird drafts. Why? Too much power. The Matt Patricia move is beyond arrogant, thinking you can just move a defensive coach to offensive coordinator. It’s WEIRD. We are two years removed from this being the greatest dynasty in the history of professional football in America. This is at-best a third-place roster in the AFC East. In the AFC West, it would be a fifth-place roster if they have five teams. They don’t have a feel for offense with McDaniels and Brady gone, and you’re going to notice it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd mock the New England Patriots for heading into the 2022 season with former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia now as their offensive coordinator, as Colin says the ‘arrogant’ decision shows how an out-of-touch Bill Belichick has way too much power within that organization.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why New England’s complete lack of awareness on the offensive side of the ball is because Tom Brady and former OC Josh McDaniels covered up all of Belichick’s deficiencies with the passing game.

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