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Colin Cowherd Confidently Proclaims Jordan Love a 'Bust'

Colin Cowherd: “The verdict is in but people in the Midwest are nice... I’m going to be not so nice. Jordan Love is a bust. He leads the NFL in preseason picks. Third year, no growth. If I have to hear again, ‘THE NUMBERS DON’T TELL THE STORY!’ Yeah, they kind of do. 50% completion percentage in practice or against second-team defenses… ‘WELL, HE DIDN’T PLAY A LOT IN COLLEGE!’ – Kyler Murray only played a year in college, Jordan Love played parts of three years in college. Talent rises quickly, it’s not that hard to spot, you got it or you don’t. Jordan Love DID motivate Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had back-to-back MVP seasons and there are people who have suggested that the Love pick ticked Aaron off, and that he was more focused and played better. If Jordan Love was as talented as Aaron Rodgers and they could move off Rodgers while paying this kid $8 million a year, not $50 million, and then go out on the market and buy receivers, they would…. But they can’t because it doesn’t work, and if Jordan Love could play, he could be playing... bnd he can’t, and it’s year 3, and there’s no growth. The video shows exactly what you think it shows. He can be a backup in the league, not saying that, but franchise guy or starting guy, it doesn’t look like it’s it, and we have evidence.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd proclaim former first-round pick Jordan Love a ‘bust’, as the 23-year-old about to enter his third NFL season is underwhelming in a preseason that was supposed to be his first chance at extended reps.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he believes the Packers would have already dumped the insufferable Aaron Rodgers if Love had any redeeming qualities.  

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