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Twitter Roasted This Fan's Strange Use of a Hot Dog at Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees fan has gone viral for his strange use of a hot dog as a beer straw.

Nicolas Heller, better known by his popular social media persona "New York Nico" shared a video of the fan using a straw to pierce a whole through a hot dog before putting it inside his beer and drinking the alcoholic beverage during the game between the Yankees and New York Mets at Yankee Stadium Monday night.

"Baseball games have been outta control recently," Heller tweeted, referencing his pinned tweet from April 22, which shows another Yankee fan dip his hot dog into a beer.

Heller's video was re-shared by several popular sports accounts including FanDuel, SportsCenter, Barstool Sports, Overtime, and Jomboy Media, and had more than 9.9 million views in less than 24 hours on Tuesday afternoon.

Numerous Twitter users roasted the fan for his strange use of the hot dog during Monday's game.