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Jimmy Garoppolo Can Win You Games, Trey Lance Can Win You Super Bowls

Joy Taylor: “It is way too early to talk about this and it’s exactly why Jimmy Garoppolo should not be on this roster. It is insane to be talking about putting Jimmy Garoppolo over Trey Lance over one game in a pool. Stop it. What did Justin Fields do? He WON the game, do we want to look at his stat line? 8 of 17, 47% completion percentage, 121 yards, one interception… The difference was he had fewer rushing yards than Trey Lance, 28-54. The difference was Fields had two touchdowns and Lance had one fumble. We’re acting like this was some all-time performance by the Chicago Bears. It was a messy game and congrats to the Bears, they pulled it out… But that doesn’t mean that Trey Lance can’t play football. This is what happens, young players struggle, you have to be willing to go through the bumps and bruises with a young player. The reason Trey Lance is there is because 1) Jimmy Garoppolo was ALWAYS injured. He is not physically reliable. 2) We talk about how Jimmy G has won all these games, he played with this roster and what did he do? Won some games in the postseason and didn’t get it done in the Super Bowl. If your goal is to win some games good for you, honey, congrats, but you didn’t get it done, you didn’t get the SUPER BOWL, that’s Trey Lance is there. Garoppolo had his opportunity and he did not succeed. If your standard of success is to win games then congratulations you have Jimmy Garoppolo. If your standard of success is to win a Super Bowl, the congratulations, you’ve moved on to Trey Lance because he has potential.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Joy Taylor explain why she thinks the 49ers need to stick with second-year quarterback Trey Lance and dismiss any grumblings over Jimmy Garoppolo regaining his starting quarterback job after just one bad game from Lance, as Taylor says the Niners shouldn't reduce themselves back into the low-ceiling QB program of Jimmy G.

Check out the segment above as Taylor details why Lance has the potential to win Super Bowls, and not just simply get you there with a stacked roster and bow out like Garoppolo did.

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