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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 4 (Oct. 2)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 4


Week 3 Blazin' 5 record: 2-3

Blazin' 5 season record: 9-6

Jaguars at Eagles (SPREAD: PHI -6.5)

“I’m going to take the Jaguars. +6.5?? They’ve won back-to-back games by 20+ points. Let’s be honest, this season the Jaguars are top 10 in scoring offense, top 5 in most categories, they’ve only given it away once, and they’re getting good protection. The Eagles offense, as good as it is, has been shut out in the second half of their last two games. It seems like the number is too big. I don’t think the market has figured out quite yet that Jacksonville spent $300 million in the offseason and went and got a bunch of good players and upgraded severely at head coach. I think it’s too many points and I think it’s going to go down to the end. I have the Eagles winning 27-26. I gotta take 6.5 points here, it just makes too much sense to me.”

Colin's prediction: Eagles 27, Jaguars 26.

Colin's pick: Jacksonville +6.5

Chargers at Texans (SPREAD: LAC -5.5)

“I’m absolutely taking the Texans at home +5.5. The Texans have held all their opponents to 23 points or less, and their defense is playing great, especially against the pass. Brandon Staley, the Chargers coach, in 20 games with Justin Herbert is just 10-10. Justin Herbert is hurt, Keenan Allen is hurt, Rashawn Slater is out, Corey Linsley is hurt. The Chargers offense is 1 of 6 teams without a rushing touchdown. Also, the Chargers defense when you take out Bosa and Khalil Mack – and now Bosa is out – does not get to the quarterback. This is way too many points. The Texans are feisty, I think the game will be low scoring. I’m going to take the upset here, and I don’t even think it is an upset with all the injuries to the Chargers, 27-23, Houston.”

Colin's prediction: Texans 27, Chargers 23.

Colin's pick: Houston +5.5

Jets at Steelers (SPREAD: PIT -3)

 “I wish I was getting +3.5, I’d like it a lot more, but Zach Wilson makes his debut and I’m going to take the Jets here. Mike Tomlin as a favorite against the spread is 82-94-5 as a coach, and the Steelers without TJ Watt don’t have much of a pass rush, and their offense is a disaster. The Steelers will have some extra time to prepare, but Zach Wilson has some tasty weapons here. I think the Jets are going to score. The Steelers are always most dangerous when they’re underdogs especially in-division, but this is an out-of-division game. I think the Jets have the more talented quarterback, I get a little bit of a desperate team with the Jets, I’m going to take the Jets to win here 23-21. It won’t be pretty, Jets wins aren’t, but I like the Jets.”

Colin's prediction: Jets 23, Steelers 21.

Colin's pick: New York +3

Broncos at Raiders (SPREAD: LV -2.5)

“I think the Raiders are a mess, I’m taking Denver +2.5, I have to here. The Broncos defense has been unbelievable, it’s number two in the league, they’re good at everything. Pass rush, third down – this Broncos defense is outstanding. The Broncos have got 2 or 3 good corners, 2 or 3 good pass rushers, excellent linebackers, and a thumping safety. The Raiders defense, meanwhile is one of the worst in the league. They’re the only team in the NFL who is 0-3. By the way, the teams that beat the Raiders, none of them have won a game, so they’re losing to bad teams. I’m going to take the Broncos to win here and get on the right track. I think Russell Wilson is going to run a little bit more now, move the sticks more, keep it away from Derek Carr, 28-23 Broncos.”

Colin's prediction: Broncos 28, Raiders 23.

Colin's pick: Denver +2.5

Patriots at Packers (SPREAD: GB -9.5)

“UPSET OF THE WEEK, I’m going to take the Patriots +9.5. If Mac Jones plays the Patriots win. If Brian Hoyer plays they cover the spread. First of all, this is a ridiculously big spread for two running teams. Name the number one receiver in this game if Jakobi Meyers doesn’t play, there isn’t a number one, and I’m not even sure there’s a number two in this game either; these are running teams. The Packers offense has 5 giveaways through the first three games, and Aaron Rodgers is only averaging 228 yards passing, that’s a career-low. The Packers don’t score off-script in the second half at all, only one touchdown. I think it’s a very close low-scoring game and if Mac Jones plays I think you’re looking at a game that goes down to the last minute. 9.5 points?? This isn’t college. The number one ranked corner in the NFL plays for the Patriots, their secondary is really good, and their pass rush is decent. I’m going to take the shocker of the weekend, Patriots 24-23."

Colin's prediction: Patriots 24, Packers 23.

Colin's pick: New England +9.5

All spreads are provided by Fox Bet. Spreads are posted when Blazin' 5 airs Friday at 2 pm ET and are subject to change.

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