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LeSean McCoy: Cowboys Can't Win Super Bowl With 'Game Manager' Dak Prescott

LeSean McCoy: “Now you gotta make this game manager in Dak Prescott beat you. Who are you going to beat him with? CeeDee Lamb by himself? Michael Gallup, who is only averaging 30 yards a game? These are real issues that can happen.”

David Helman: “You’re throwing around ‘game manager’ a lot for a guy who has the number one offense in the league since he came back from injury.”

McCoy: “You wanna show me stats, I go by the eyeball test. If you watch the eyeball test they’re throwing flats and check-downs, am I lying?”

Helman: “Yes, they’re number in the league on third down.”

McCoy: “You know what you watched. America, every day we go to the production meetings and watch the tape on Dak Prescott, and all he does— they run the ball, they throw flats and slants, and then here and there they do the play-action, rolls out, wide open tight end, and he just dumps it over there. It’s not like he’s diming people up in the field. Don’t lie to the people and the world, they need to know what’s really going on.”

Helman: “Do you know how hard it is to have the number one third down offense in the NFL?”

McCoy: “How hard is it when you’re getting 3rd and 4’s? Third and 3’s? It’s because you run the ball well.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch former All-Pro running back turned FS1 studio host LeSean McCoy discuss the importance of the Cowboys signing free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., as McCoy says the Cowboys don’t have enough weapons to carry ‘game manager’ Dak Prescott.

Check out the segment above as McCoy explains why the Cowboys offense’ torrid start since Prescott's return from his broken thumb is misleading and not representative of Prescott’s presence alone.

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