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Pete Davidson and Eli Manning Are Finally on Instagram… Together?

We bet you didn't have this on your 2022 bingo card!

Pete Davidson and Eli Manning have created a joint Instagram account that went live Wednesday (December 7). "We both don’t have Instagram so we made one together," the bio of @pete_eli10 reads. Davidson briefly returned to Instagram in February after a three-year hiatus, but deleted his account shortly after.

Their new hilarious account already has a blue checkmark and over 20,000 followers as of Thursday morning, but it's only following one person — the New York Giants. Why?

It turns out this new online friendship was featured on the Giants' YouTube series, The Eli Manning Show. This week's episode takes us on a journey at Davidson's apartment. The two are seen lying next to each other in bed decked out in NYG gear taking selfies, which eventually wound up on their new IG. The two are also seen playing Madden, throwing a football around and ordering in pizza.

"Hello Instagram, I have decided to come back, but only with the GOAT," Davidson said as he panned to Manning lying next to him. "What's up? Your bed is so comfortable," the legendary Giants quarterback said. "Aw thanks, man. We've been having a good time in my bed. Stay tuned for more photos on the 'Gram!"

Other posts on this Instagram page, which is on pace to become everybody's favorite account, include a look at Davidson's New York Giants tattoo on his hip, a discussion about whether being big spoon or little spoon is better and, well, we're not really sure why Eli Manning is wearing a purple track suit. Anyway, be sure to give Pete and Eli a follow!

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