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Colin Cowherd Predicts the Results of NFL Wild Card Weekend

Watch Colin Cowherd make his predictions for the upcoming Wild Card Weekend going into an NFL playoffs where Tom Brady and the Bucs are lurking as an enigmatic division champion, the Bills are looking to finally climb Mount Kansas City, the Cowboys are trying to make it back to their first conference championship game since 1996, the Jaguars and Giants are trying to prove themselves as legitimate contenders not only this season but in the future, Lamar Jackson is looking to finally prove himself as a $50 million per year player [if he hasn’t already], and the 49ers and Bengals will shoot for their familiar perches as conference champions.

Chargers at Jaguars: “I would take the Jags if Mike Williams is not 100%.”
Dolphins at Bills: “I think Buffalo is going to rout Miami.”
Ravens Bengals: “I think Cincinnati does go on to beat the Ravens. That Baltimore situation [with Lamar Jackson] is hard to wrap your brain around, and I don’t know what they’re doing.”
Seahawks at 49ers: “The Seahawks have sputtered for six weeks, I think San Francisco has a chance to make that ugly very quickly.”
Giants at Vikings: “I like the Giants in an upset.”
Cowboys at Bucs: “Brady has never lost to the Cowboys, but Tampa can’t run the football, AT ALL.”

FULL segment above.

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