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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Kyrie Irving: 'He's Not a Great Player'

Photo: Timothy Nwachukwu

Colin Cowherd: “The Mavericks are 9-14 since Kyrie came over. There’s a couple games he didn’t play but I believe the bad vibes with Kyrie permeate a locker room, a plane, or a practice even when he doesn’t start. If you look at the greatest basketball players in the NBA’s history they were all layered. LeBron can score, pass, defend, super high basketball IQ. With Magic you got leadership, rebounding, points, and passing. Michael Jordan was a relentless defender, great close, unbelievable leader and immense toughness…. Kyrie Irving is an atrocious defender, he’s a terrible leader. He’s not really a good distributor, he averages about 5.5 assists in his career. For as many times he’s had the ball in his career, it's very mediocre. He’s a great scorer. This is proving that he’s not a great player. He’s perfect for pickup basketball. You play with him for an hour, he gets you a bucket, and then you go your separate ways. He’s a pickup basketball player, he’s not a great player. Seventy-five percent of NBA fans literally think if you can score, you’re a great player. There’s been a lot of guys in this league who can score, it doesn’t make you a great player. Depending on him, building around him, leadership abilities, coachability, does he elevate the locker room? NO. He’s a great scorer. Shaq 23 years ago was the last player to win a scoring title and NBA title in the same year. Great scorers often get in the way of the greater good. Kyrie is a great scorer, but ‘great player’?? Man, you’re lowering the standards of great player if that’s it for you.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the flatlining Dallas Mavericks, who are just 9-14 since acquiring Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets on February 7th, as Colin says we are once again finding out that Kyrie is simply a great ‘scorer’, not a great ‘player.’

Check out the segment above as Colin says people who actually understand basketball would realize he’s a one-dimensional pickup basketball player who does more harm to your team than good.

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