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Ric Bucher Says This Would Be the Best Landing Spot For Chris Paul

Emmanuel Acho: “What is the best landing spot for Chris Paul?”

Ric Bucher: “I would go Los Angeles Clippers. Go BACK to the Clippers. They so desperately need a playmaker. They have the defensive players to protect him at that end where he’s not the same. They don’t have to worry about scoring.”

Acho: “Chris Paul has played maybe 18 years in the NBA. He wants to win a championship. The Clippers have only been to the Western Conference Finals one time, the first year under Ty Lue. Why in the world would he, who has never won a ‘ship, want to go to a team who has never won a ‘ship? That doesn’t make sense.”

Bucher: “So give me one other team he would go to that needs a point guard that would be closer?”

Acho:The Boston Celtics could use that veteran leadership. Figure out how to deal Marcus Smart, acquire Chris Paul, maybe then you keep Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum— would that make sense?”

Bucher: “That would make sense. That would be my number two choice. My only hesitation there is how bad their defense was collectively in this run, and you’re talking about moving out a Defensive Player of the Year.”

Watch Ric Bucher tell Emmanuel Acho on FS1’s ‘Speak’ where he thinks would be the best destination for future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul, who will soon be released by the Phoenix Suns after a disappointing three-year run that saw a loaded Suns team win zero titles.

Check out the segment above as Bucher gives Acho the two most likely scenarios for Paul to have one final chance to win his first ever NBA championship.  

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