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WATCH: Golfer is Leveled By Security While Celebrating Friend's Tourney Win


Canadian professional golfer Adam Hadwin was leveled by security after being mistaken for a rogue spectator while celebrating his friend and fellow countryman Nick Taylor's historic win at the Canadian Open on Sunday (June 11).

Taylor became the first Canadian to win at the event in 69 years and celebrated on the green his caddie Dave Markle. Hadwin was seen enthusiastically spraying the two with champagne before suddenly being tackled by a security guard who mistakenly thought he was a member of the gallery.

Several witnesses, including Markle, quickly attempted to correct the confusion before Hadwin was helped back to his feet and seen arm in arm with the security guard after the misunderstanding.

Canadian Open tournament director Bryan Crawford issued a statement to CNN acknowledging that the security guard didn't "immediately recognize" Hadwin before other Canadian golfers rushed to the green.

"The security officer was doing their job and acting in the moment amidst a flurry of excitement and celebration on the green following one of the most iconic moments in Canadian sport,” Taylor said. “We are pleased with how both parties quickly rectified the misunderstanding and embraced the moment.”

Hadwin appeared to see humor in the incident, tweeting a photo of the tackle with, "Put it in the Louvre!"

Hadwin's wife, also confirmed that her husband was OK after the incident.

"Sorry to leave y’all hanging, had to get the toddler ready for bed. I’m thrilled to report that @ahadwingolf is still among the land of the living and in true Canadian form, apologized to the security guard for being tackled," she tweeted.

Taylor finished at 17-under, tied with Tommy Fleetwood through the 18th hole before a decisive eagle on the fourth playoff hole.