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Colin Cowherd: The Real Reason the Salary of NFL Running Backs Has Cratered

Colin Cowherd: “The media’s take is always ‘PAY THE PLAYER! THEY’RE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!’ That’s always the media’s take: ‘PLAYERS ARE GETTING SCREWED!’ The media has told me that Thursday Night Football is 'unethical.' Um, the players share in revenue for the $1 billion contract Amazon paid for Thursday games for one year. The players in my lifetime have always said ‘we will take the money and play another game.’ The media has told me ‘THE GAMBLING IS UNETHICAL!’ THE OWNERS MAKE A FORTUNE AND THE PLAYERS CAN’T EVEN BET ON GAMES!’ Yes, the owners sign deals with companies like DraftKings and share the revenue with the players. When it comes to the media’s take on players, it’s always ‘GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! YOU’RE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEM!’ Here are three indisputable factors that do not work in running backs’ favor. Warren Sharp had a tweet yesterday: quarterbacks now account for 21% of rushing touchdowns last year. A decade or so ago it was 11%. Quarterbacks now account for 16% of all rushing yards last year, the most in history. As the league has moved to mobile quarterbacks, they’re doing more of the running back’s work. It’s not good for backs. Analytics prove that running backs may have been worthy of contracts but in the last ten years the analytics say you can’t give a running back a second big contract. There hasn’t been a Pro Bowl running back on a Super Bowl winning roster in ten years, Marshawn Lynch. The last regular season rushing champion to reach the Super Bowl was Shawn Alexander in 2005. Every sport has a skill or a position that analytics has changed. Shooters in basketball are simply worth more. The only stat that matters today for hitters is OPS. Tony Gwynn today would be a running back. How much value would a singles and doubles hitter have? This is the way sports work. Tight ends, wide receivers, edge rushers, and cornerbacks have never made more, running backs are more niche, they do get paid but not the years they want. It’s not a controversy. I’ve got data on my side, history on my side, analytics on my side... If QUARTERBACKS weren’t being paid, that would be a controversy. If Steph Curry couldn’t get a good deal, even though he scores faster than any player ever, that would be a controversy. I’ve got ALL the data on my side. Quarterbacks are now doing more of the running back’s work. Of course I’m going to pay them less.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain the inconvenient truth behind the running back position being the least profitable as it’s ever been, with Colin saying there isn’t some sort of league-wide blackballing of the once coveted position.  

Check out the segment above as Colin defends NFL franchises like the Vikings and Giants, who either parted ways with their star running back this past off-season, or have been steadfast in their approach to not grant them a lucrative long-term contract.

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