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Jason McIntyre Unveils His AFC and NFC Playoff Predictions

Watch Jason McIntyre and Colin Cowherd unveil their NFL playoff predictions for the upcoming season, with Jason and Colin dropping their four division winners and three wildcard teams from the AFC and in NFC. 

In the AFC, McIntyre has the betting favorites as his four division champions—Buffalo, Kansas City, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati, with his three wildcards being the Jets, Ravens and Steelers. Cowherd has the same division winners but has the Dolphins and Chargers in his playoff bracket instead of the Jets and Steelers. 

In the NFC, Jason once again is going with the odds-on favorites—Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans, and San Francisco, with the Cowboys, Bears, and Vikings making up his wildcards. Colin has the Panthers winning the NFC South instead of the Saints, and doesn’t back up McIntyre’s belief that the Bears will be a wildcard team, with Colin going with the Cowboys, Saints, and Vikings instead. 

Check out the segment above as both hosts debate their picks with the NFL’s Hall of Fame Game between the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns set for tonight. 

Here are Jason's picks:


AFC East: Bills

AFC North: Bengals

AFC South: Jaguars

AFC West: Chiefs

Wildcard: Jets

Wildcard: Ravens

Wildcard: Steelers


NFC East: Eagles

NFC North: Lions

NFC South: Saints

NFC West: 49ers

Wildcard: Cowboys

Wildcard: Bears

Wildcard: Vikings

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