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Jason Whitlock Blasts NFL For Canceling Game After Isaiah Bolden's Injury

Jason Whitlock: “I can’t believe what we’ve done. It absolutely boggles my mind how far we’ve gone off course. How weak we are that we’re talking about cancelling football games because someone got hurt on the field. And this is normal, and it’s being written about... From Bill Belichick co-signing this. When I hear Bill Belichick and I hear the players all in on this it makes me question the entire integrity of the game. It’s like-- ‘hey, man, this ain’t even real, we’re just here for the paycheck.’ This is a TV show, it’s not even real. And I know ‘IT’S JUST A PRESEASON GAME, JASON!’ This whole thing social media and the media has done to us has exaggerated every injury, and made it feel like ‘OMG, EVERY PRESEASON SOMEBODY GETS HURT AND THEY SHOULD JUST CANCEL PRESEASON GAMES BECAUSE SOMEONE GOT HURT!’ As if no one got hurt in the past. As if guys never got hurt in preseason games before this and the league just solders on. As if guys didn’t get hurt in practice. Because they used to actually hit in practice, and they used to actually ‘practice’ in PRACTICE. But they made you believe that practice is now the enemy of football and these guys can all show up without practicing, without exhibition games, without proper preparation. That is a lie. The quality of football has fallen tremendously because of the lack of preparation. The game is sloppy, the officiating is sloppy, the skill is sloppy, people don’t know how to tackle. The physicality has been removed and it’s like watching guys play 7-on-7. Maybe I’m the old fart that doesn’t know any better, screaming ‘GET OFF MY LAWN’, and maybe I’m the idiot, and everyone is entertained by this watered-down and softened product. I think they’re lying to themselves. I think they’re unaware of the consequences. I think they’re unaware of what it represents: the fall of man, and the creation of this androgynous society that they’re all looking for.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out the National Football League for cancelling last weekend’s preseason game between the Patriots and Packers after New England cornerback Isaiah Bolden suffered a concussion early in the fourth quarter, leading to the teams even cancelling joint practices the following day. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock describes the ‘war on football’ and the enemies who are trying to castrate one of the longest-lasting symbols of masculinity. 

Here was Jason’s entire take:

“Football died Saturday night in Green Bay, Wisconsin when Isaiah Bolden collided with a teammate, laid motionless on the ground, and was carted off the field. With a little more than 10 minutes to play, the NFL canceled the rest of the game. Fans filed out of the stadium with little complaint. Patriots coach Bill Belichick praised the NFL for acting quickly: ‘I appreciated the way the league handled it. I think it was the right thing to do.’ Patriots players praised Belichick. Bolden, a cornerback for the Patriots, was released from the hospital Sunday morning. He appears to be fine but the Patriots were so 'shaken' by his injuries that they canceled a pair of joint practices scheduled against the Tennessee Titans. Something bad ‘almost’ happened to one of their players and the players needed time to ‘mentally recover.’ Forty-five years ago almost to the day, Raiders safety Jack Tatum paralyzed Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley with a hit. It happened in the second quarter of a pre-season game. Stingley was carted off the field and taken to the hospital. The Raiders and Patriots finished the game. That night, Raiders coach John Madden was the only person to visit Stingley in the hospital. Madden made a series of phone calls to stop the Patriots from flying back to Boston. I'm not defending the callousness of the 1978 Patriots; I'm arguing that we've grossly over-corrected. Football can't survive this correction. The enemies of football and masculinity have won. They killed football. They won the long war of convincing men that the key to happiness is choosing safety over freedom, safety over EVERYTHING. Writing for ‘The Athletic’, the sportswriting arm of the New York Times, Steve Buckley argued that all future NFL games should be stopped whenever a player is motionless on the field. He concluded his post-game column writing ‘when this happens again, and it will, the NFL should continue to stop the games and tell everyone to go home. In the 21st century it should be unfathomable that the players, after witnessing an injury of this magnitude, be asked to simply put their helmets on and return to the huddle. It should be unfathomable that we would want to watch.’ It's a damn shame what football has gotten to. The guy is saying games should be stopped and fans should go home, and no one should want to watch if someone lies motionless on the field. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IN FOOTBALL. In my day, when we used to go through two-a-day practices in fall camp, people got knocked out and laid out in practice. I still remember the hits 30 years ago, from PRACTICE. We all celebrated, [not because we didn’t like the guy], but because we were playing football. As a fan, we used to go to football games HOPING to see a player get the snot knocked out of him. We didn't want the player permanently injured, we wanted him knocked unconscious, removed from the game, and able to return with the help of smelling salts. THAT was football. It was a high-risk game. They were easy to identify consequences for participation. Those consequences added to the drama. It symbolized one of the many differences between men and women. That's what separates football from other combat sports. Women box and compete in mixed martial arts, they don't play football...not without lingerie. Feminists aspired to create an androgynous world-- football can't be America's national pastime in THAT world. Soccer is the solution. Megan Rapinoe gets to play Joe Montana in this soccer world that they're building on. The social media matrix has trained modern male athletes and sports journalists to think like a woman, and all things pursue safety. That is not man's natural inclination. The pursuit of safety is NOT what made America the envy of the world. Men used to take great satisfaction in taking risk. The heavyweight boxing champion was the most revered and feared man in our society. In the 1970s, young boys admired stuntman Evil Knievel, who launched his career with a failed attempt to jump the Caesar Palace fountains with his motorcycle. But it's not just sports. In the 1920s ‘roughnecks’ risked their life and health building skyscrapers. Injuries and death were commonplace. No one shut down construction because someone got hurt. That’s when men were MEN. Men had to be fearless to survive. Now we’re weak, fat, soft, lazy, scared of everything, and unwilling to take risks. The men that stormed Normandy, the men that fought in World War I and World War II, we would be light work for them. They wouldn’t even break a sweat taking us down. We put these athletes on a pedestal: ‘THESE ATHLETES ARE SO GREAT, THEY’RE SO FEARLESS!’ No, they’re not, they’re pampered and entitled. First time something bad happens: ‘THEY SHOULD STOP THE GAMES! THIS IS SO TERRIBLE! I COULDN’T MENTALLY PLAY!’ Imagine taking the mentality of these overpaid and entitled idiots and putting them in the late 1800s? Think about the men who would get in covered wagons with their wives and kids and travel West on unpaid roads. They would die in the cold, their wagons would break down, but that didn’t stop them. Think about the men who dynamited and blasted through mountains, and blew themselves up so we could travel on paved roads, and have bridges and dams that we now all take for granted. THOSE were real men. It is amazing how much we have normalized fear. Fear turns men into cowards. America is overrun with cowards. Men who choose safety and riches over honor, integrity, and righteousness. The modern male athlete is inferior to his predecessor. Money weakens men. In 1978, the average NFL salary was $62,600. Today, the average NFL salary for a long-snapper is $1 million. Over the last 15 years the NFL has instituted rules that have basically illegalized hitting a long-snapper. We’re paying football players money to take far less risks. The enemies of football and the modern players see that as ‘progress.’ It’s really a damn shame what football has gotten to for fans like me and fans like you."

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