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Milwaukee Bucks Player Believes Giannis Will Remain a Buck For Life

Jonas Knox: “Do you ever envision any scenario where Giannis is not a Milwaukee Buck? Does he strike you as somebody who would entertain going elsewhere or is he is a Milwaukee Buck for life in your eyes?” 

Pat Connaughton: “Knowing Giannis and knowing who he is as a person, he’s all about family, all about winning. He’s one of the best individuals. It’s not just him as the player, it’s him as the person. He’s one of the best guys that I know. He works hard. He hasn’t changed throughout this meteoric rise to fame and personal accolades. As long as the Milwaukee Bucks have the ability to win and put him into a position to win, which he will in-turn put the Milwaukee Bucks into a position to win every single night, I don’t know that he’ll ever leave. He loves family, he loves not being in the limelight-- I don’t think being in a big market is something that attracts him. I think he’s done a tremendous job with what he’s come from and he’s put us into a position to win on a nightly basis. He takes care of his family and he takes care of his teammates, and he cares about winning more than anything. As long as the Bucks are in a position to win, he’ll be there.” 

Listen to Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Pat Connaughton, an eight-year NBA veteran, join ‘Two Pros and a Cup of Joe’ to explain why he thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo will remain a Milwaukee Buck for life, as rumors of Giannis’ future in Milwaukee continue to get more unsettling.  

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