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Video Showed Chaotic Scene During Shooting at High School Football Game

Photo: Brett Carlsen

Four people were shot during an incident captured on the live broadcast of at a high school football game in Oklahoma Friday (August 25) night.

The incident took place during a rivalry game between Choctaw and Del City at around 10:15 p.m. local time, Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall confirmed via KOCO News. A clip from the live broadcast shows players, coaches and referees frantically running off the field after gunshots ran out.

One victim was hospitalized and treated for a gunshot wound to the thigh. At least one of the victims was identified as a student, according to Marshall.

“I know one younger, possibly high school student, was treated,” Marshall said during a press conference.

The status of the other three victims was not immediately made clear. Police described the shooting suspect as a "Black male with a gray hoodie," however, do not currently have any suspects in custody as of Saturday (August 26) morning.

Marshall did, however, confirm that three individuals were detained for questioning in relation to the incident. A Del City Police officer fired his weapon during the chaotic scene, Del City Police Chief Loyd Berger confirmed during a press conference via the New York Post.

“I know one of our officers was involved and discharged his weapon,” Berger said. “As far as at who or if he hit anything, I really don’t know.

An off-duty Del City police officer was working security on the sideline when gunshots rang out, according to Berger.

At least 35 officers from various departments responded to the scene Friday night.

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