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OnlyFans Model Allie Rae Blocked By Favorite Her Team Over 'Profession'

OnlyFans model Allie Rae said she was recently blocked by her favorite college football team, the Minnesota Gophers, over her profession.

Rae shared "an emergency press conference" after realizing she was recently blocked by the football team's social media accounts based on her "profession and the media attention" she received while attending Minnesota's win against Nebraska in its season opener on August 31.

"I am just really sad to be honest," Rae said in an exclusive statement on Tuesday (September 12). "I love Gopher Sports so much and have always been such a supporter of the team. I travel all over this country to see them and I usually buy extra tickets for my own community to allow them to have that experience as well.

"Finding out that I was blocked after attending Gopher Home Opener was shocking. I have always felt love the Minnesota sports community and this came as a shock to me."

Rae has a massive social media following that includes more than 264,000 Instagram followers and 184,800 followers on her X account, formerly known as Twitter.

"My whole Twitter, that's all I talk about, Gopher Hockey, Gopher Football so, it's just ridiculous. Like, I'm very f*****g bitter about it," Rae said in her initial video, noting that all her interactions and references to Minnesota athletics have been "safe for work" and never mixed with her OnlyFans career.

The Navy veteran and former nurse turned model said she will still support the team despite her social media ban.

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