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Jason Whitlock Rips Deion Sanders After Demoting His Offensive Coordinator

Jason Whitlock: “Deion has demoted his offensive coordinator, Sean Lewis... Am I starting to look like ‘Negro-damus’ here that I called the chaos in Colorado? This seems like the kind of move that happens in the NFL but doesn’t really happen in college football – guys getting demoted mid-season. It just doesn’t seem like that happens in college football. You’re talking about a 12-game regular season and there’s only four games left. In the NFL I wouldn’t bat an eye at someone getting demoted, but in college this just seems a little weird. Who thought that Deion Sanders, a 56-year-old man who is still running around with gold chains, bringing rappers and all that other stuff into the environment – who thought ‘YEAH, THIS IS GONNA BE A STABLE PLACE AND IF THINGS DON’T GO WELL DEION IS GOING TO BE THE MATURE GUY WHO RIDES THE WAVE!’ This is what was going to go along with Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders has never had to -- as a player because he was so great and talented -- he didn’t have to hold himself accountable. There’s been nothing in his adult life that has screamed to me “yeah, he’s going to hold himself accountable, he’s not going to make an emotional decision based of his son, who he keeps calling the ‘best quarterback in college football.’” That’s a father talking. That’s not a coach talking. His son is a good college player, it’s yet to be seen what type of pro he will be. He is NOT the best quarterback in college. He wasn’t the best quarterback in high school, he wasn’t that type of recruit. This to me seemed inevitable and anybody acting surprised is a very naïve person. There will be others thrown overboard too, no different than he threw the offensive line as a group overboard... This coach? that’s easy work. Embarrassing the coach [Sean Lewis] and blaming him for a 4-4 record? That’s easy to do. In terms of play-calling, this is why I don’t like the move away from Sean Lewis, because to me, the only problem with Colorado’s offense is they haven’t shown the determination to stick with the running game, and all that needs to happen for that is for the head coach to say ‘hey, stick with the running game, let’s not be so pass-heavy.’ Any offensive coordinator can make that adjustment. When you look at the offensive line and how they’ve been hung out to dry with an all-pass offense, never being allowed to properly develop, never given an opportunity to really get into a play-action pass game which helps you in pass protection – all of that is easily fixed just by saying ‘hey, man, I’d like for 38% of our offensive plays to be running plays. I don’t want it to be 20%.’ I think there’s more chaos to ensue. The media is going to be forced to ask Deion real questions... It hasn’t happened all year, but now they’re going to be forced to ask Deion real questions, and I can’t wait to see how Deion answers REAL questions.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out Deion Sanders after it was reported that Deion was demoting offensive coordinator Sean Lewis amid a Colorado losing streak that has seen the team drift to the basement of the Pac-12. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock rips Deion for once again refusing to accept any accountability for the team’s troubles on offense, saying Deion was the one pushing for a pass-happy offense that would ‘stat-pad' his son Shedeur’s numbers to raise his NFL Draft stock and better his odds for the Heisman.

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