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Rob Parker Says Josh Allen Will Never Win a Super Bowl With the Bills

Rob Parker: “The Buffalo Bills are officially DEAD. I had them as a wildcard but I say they do NOT make the playoffs, and that window of them winning a Super Bowl has officially closed. Everybody in the NFL felt like this team had something going and it’s ‘just a matter of time.’ I’ve already had my reservations at the start of the season and I didn’t believe that they were still that team. Now, I’m more convinced than ever, and I’m not being a prisoner of the moment and now they have lost a game I’m writing them off... I’ve been saying this all year. Something is amiss, something isn’t there, and I haven’t been feeling good about them. Here is just another example, how is this team 5-4?? Something is terribly wrong. I can’t tell you exactly, but if I were to put my finger on it, I'd have to wash it because it STINKS. That’s what the Buffalo Bills are now. They are officially DEAD.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple rip into Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills after their impassive loss on Sunday Night Football to the Bengals, dropping them to 5-4 and putting into question their chances of even making the playoffs in a loaded AFC.

If the season ended today, the Bills, who have lost three of their last five games, would currently be in 8th place in the AFC and out of the postseason.

Check out the segment above as Parker declares the Bills officially DEAD and proclaims that the Super Bowl window these Bills teams had with Allen and Stefon Diggs has finally closed for good.

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