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Rob Parker Says Aaron Rodgers Would Be 'Crazy' to Return to Disastrous Jets

Rob Parker: “People have seen this movie – you can’t win when your quarterback can’t get anything done. I don’t care how good your defense is, you can’t have eight touchdowns in eight games. You can’t convert on third down and I blame the Jets GM, I blame the Jets coach, I blame EVERYBODY. When Aaron Rodgers goes down four plays into the season, pick up the phone and call Carson Wentz. You gotta make that move with the defense you’re talking about to give yourself a fair shot. You had a good defense last year, you stuck with Zach Wilson too long, they were 7-3, and didn’t make the playoffs. Why would you do the same exact movie with the same guy who you know can’t get it done? You’re wasting another season. And for Aaron Rodgers, dude you gotta be CRAZY to wanna rush back. Did he watch the offensive line last night with the eight sacks?? Go ahead, Aaron, go back and play behind that so they can break your leg in two and end your career. He must be crazy to think about coming back. They haven't fixed anything. It would be flat-out dumb. No matter how much he wants it, it would be dumb. If he gets hurt, then you’ve lost a second season and you lost his career. I wouldn’t chance it. Their third-down success rate this season is 22%, the lowest in the NFL over the past 45 years. No one has had a third-down conversion rate that low in 45 years in the NFL, and they keep running that kid [Zach Wilson] out, telling you that they’re going to make the playoff because their defense is good enough? You’re KIDDING yourself.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why he thinks it would be ‘crazy’ and ‘dumb’ for Aaron Rodgers to try to return to the Jets this season after tearing his Achilles in Week 1, saying why would an already delicate player risk ending his career with an offensive line this pathetic.  

Check out the segment above as Parker rips the Jets for not going out and signing former free agent quarterback Carson Wentz the moment Rodgers went down, who was just signed by the Los Angeles Rams in the wake of Matthew Stafford’s thumb injury.

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