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Jason Whitlock Blasts Deion Sanders: 'He's a Pee Wee Football Coach'

Jason Whitlock: “This is what a Pee Wee football coach sounds like after going 4-8 and when his son taps out of playing in the last game because he’s too hurt: 

Deion Sanders: ‘What we need for Shedeur is; we know where to find it. It ain’t hard to find.’ 

Whitlock: “Deion was talking about recruiting, and ‘what we need for Shedeur.’ That’s a historic moment. I have never in my life heard a college football coach talk about going into the recruiting offseason, and talking about an individual player and what they need. He’s not talking about what’s needed for COLORADO, the entire university, and the 100 guys on the team. What ‘WE’ need. He’s talking about what he needs for his son. That’s not the way college football coaches talk. They talk about the university and the entire team. Shedeur did not play in the final game against Utah. The backup quarterback played and played really well. They ran an offense that made sense; that would have made sense all season. In the first half they ran it 14 times and threw 13 times, and were right in that game. The backup quarterback played really well and only got sacked twice. They ran a much more balanced offense in the first half, and nearly won the game... But when Deion got to the post-game press conference all he really wanted to talk about was Shedeur because he’s a daddy first. He’s not Colorado’s football coach, he’s daddy first. Hats off to him for being daddy first, but don’t sign up to be the head coach of 100 guys and then run the team based off YOUR child. It’s selfish, it’s irresponsible, it’s childish. The last coach who did that at Colorado was a guy named Dan Hawkins, who had his son out there, Cody Hawkins, playing quarterback, and they ended up having to run Dan Hawkins out because of that. Because he built a team around catering to his son. Oh, that’s right, Dan Hawkins is a White coach and can be held to a standard. It’s OK to criticize Dan Hawkins and the handling of his son. Is Sheduer more talented than Cody Hawkins? Yes. But did Colorado run an offense all season that was built around showcasing Shedeur rather than winning football games? Absolutely, there’s no question about it. Anybody that knows anything about football could see it a mile away and could see it early in the season. The people with their racial idolatry glasses on, and the White people who are super afraid of being called ‘racist’ -- they all defended the silliness of Deion and his Pee Wee coaching style. I didn’t, and they’re 4-8, and finished in last place.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out Deion Sanders for caring more about padding his son, Shedeur’s passing stats and raising his NFL Draft status than actually winning football games at Colorado. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Coach Prime a ‘Pee Wee football coach’, and a coach who has no business at the Power-5 level at this point.

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