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Jason Whitlock: Shedeur Sanders Acts Like He's Above the Rules at Colorado

Jason Whitlock: "I’ve been following the Colorado football team and season very closely. I communicate with others who have been following and involved in the Colorado football season very closely. As the season has played out I’ve been provided information about what’s really going on at Colorado and what the real issues are. I’ve been being a bit of a journalist, not to brag, but I've been being a bit of a journalist trying to get informed so I don’t look like a clown like a lot of these people who have no information, and basically base all of their opinions off of 'HEY, IS THIS GOING TO BE POPULAR ON TWITTER?? AM I GOING TO GET CRITICIZED ON TWITTER IF I SAY THESE THINGS??'... These people all look like clowns. They're all backpedaling now, all of them are making excuses, and no one is willing to admit that they were wrong, but I've been acquiring information. This helicopter parent [Deion Sanders] who won’t let his kids out of the nest, who has put together an alleged coaching career so that he can helicopter parent Shedeur's entire football career from a little child all through college, he’s been poisoning Shedeur. It’s my understanding based off of people who know, people with knowledge of what’s been going on at Colorado and what went on at Jackson State that the Colorado football team has two sets of rules -- one for everybody NOT named ‘Sanders’ and one for everybody else, with Travis Hunter being the exception. But he can be the exception because based off of all the information I have acquired, Travis Hunter is a great young man, very likeable, and just a great competitor and doesn't need a lot of guidance as it relates to being a competitor... But there is one set of rules for everybody else, and then there are the ‘Sanders Rules.’ Shedeur has been allowed to operate above the rules. 'Oh, everybody has to be on time for meetings? NOT Shedeur.' From what I understand, the week of the Washington State game Colorado had a horrendous week of practice. Everybody who watching their practice was like 'OH, MY GOD, THIS ISN'T GOING TO GO WELL IN PULLMAN. WE'RE GOING TO GET OUR CLOCKS CLEANED AT WASHINGTON STATE, LOOK AT THE WAY WE'RE PRACTICING.' The coaches could see it, everybody could see it. So, on one of these days they shut down practice and said ‘everybody get on the line, we’re just going to run you.’ This happens, this is commonplace, coaches get fed up, they don't like the way practice is going, they don't think the team is ready, and 'I'm just going to run you to death, I'm going to punish you'... Everybody gets on the line and Shedeur walks into the locker room with no consequences. The whole team was being punished and Shedeur walks in the locker room. It's hard for me to evaluate Shedeur Sanders because there's so much hype, and there's so much noise. The guys that broadcast the games, they color my vision and ability to be able to understand what's going on here because they pour so much sugar -- 'SHEDEUR IS THIS! SHEDEUR IS THAT! SHEDEUR IS THE GREATEST! OH, MY GOD, WE'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE SHEDEUR!'... So, when you're hearing all that and watching him play, all the noise from the commentators blurs your vision. I've been struggling, is Shedeur a first-round quarterback? I don’t know because I’ve been inundated with so much propaganda that I don’t know, but I’ve been asking other people that haven't been as blinded and have a more close-up and intimate view of what’s been transpiring, and they say ‘yeah, he’s got first-round talent, but he’s got an undraftable personality.’ This can’t be talked about in the media or any place that baby Johnny Manziel, the guy that’s been running around flashing his $80,000 watch in everybody's face back when they were winning games -- they say this dude is a nightmare because his helicopter daddy has allowed him to be an entitled nightmare."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless discuss information he received from sources connected to the Colorado football program on special privileges Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders receives from Colorado coaches, saying there are rules all Colorado players have to abide by, and then there are the ‘Sanders Rules’ for Deion’s two sons, Shedeur and Shilo, who go beyond reproach.  

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Shedeur ‘Baby Johnny Manziel’, and says Shedeur has become an ‘entitled nightmare’ that only becomes more dissociated with the team the longer ‘helicopter parent’ Deion Sanders grants him this type of noble treatment.  

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