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Colin Cowherd Blasts 'Liability' Bill Belichick as a Viable Coaching Option

Colin Cowherd: “There’s stories that the Atlanta Falcons coaching search is ‘Belichick or Bust’... If the Falcons had a quarterback, maybe I would think differently about this. Belichick would clean up the defense, create a detailed culture, and dominate a weak division. But they don’t have a quarterback, Belichick wants personnel power, and for his career in Cleveland and New England he has drafted 15 quarterbacks. One was a workaholic, obsessed, superstar – Brady, one was a middling starter – Garoppolo, a couple like Jacoby Brissett were good backups, and ten dudes couldn’t play. That’s his track record. Bill is not staying current. Football and players have changed. He irritated Brady, who I was told wanted to leave three years before he did. He didn’t get along with Mac Jones either. His staff now is kids and retreads. Can he put a good staff together? This feels like a guy looking for a milestone [Don Shula's wins record]. I don’t care if you’re the ‘greatest coach of all time’, if you’re the greatest film director of all time and your last five movies tank, that’s what you are now. Bill Belichick has become petty in the last five years. Lots of ego, which he pushed back against for years. He only wants to coach players he ‘likes’. He’s allergic to offense and he’s an absolute personnel liability. The dude can’t draft at all, especially on offense, and I’m not sure he’s great in free agency. Remember three or four years ago they opened up the wallet for the first time? One player hit, Matt Judon. He doesn’t draft, free agency doesn’t appear to be a strength, getting a quarterback – he's not good at that either. Belichick is the greatest defensive coach of all time, nobody disputes that, but he doesn’t show an ability to draft or get along with young offensive players. His last seven drafts he has two Pro Bowlers, and one of those was a punter. A lot of old, legendary coaches don’t stay current and don’t age well. Belichick has become one of those. He has not aged terribly well. The league is more about collaboration, not doing it ‘your way.’ Then you add the age – Bill is old, does he have the energy? Maybe, but he’s certainly not Pete Carroll in that department. I just don’t see the pluses. Bad at personnel, bad at free agency, sort of petty, kind of stubborn, only wants to coach his kind of guys. The Falcons are smartly owned, well-run, with a great stadium and nice pieces... I’m not sure a former ‘greatest coach of all time’ is the answer. I don’t think he’s the best candidate. I could see him [being a good head coach option] if they had a Justin Herbert, and going there cleaning up the defense, and winning a weak division. Todd Bowles did it, and I think Bill could, but I have no confidence in him nailing the quarterback if he has personnel power in Atlanta. NONE whatsoever.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd blast former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick as a viable head coach candidate in the year 2024, saying the game has passed by the six-time Super Bowl champion who has been rumored as the top choice for the rebuilding Atlanta Falcons. 

Check out the segment above as Cowherd details Belichick’s shortcomings in the modern NFL, documenting his severe weaknesses when it comes to drafting players, signing free agents, and developing young quarterbacks.

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