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Colin Cowherd Says Brock Purdy is Not a Top 15 Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “I don’t know when the word ‘good’ became a pejorative but it did on Brock Purdy. I think Brock Purdy is ‘good.’ The Athletic had a story on Drew Brees and Brock Purdy comparing them... Oh, boy...
The most accurate quarterback ever, second all-time in touchdown passes, 6th highest passer rating ever, top 10 quarterback the last 25 years indisputably, second all-time in passing yards... That’s where we are with Brock Purdy? Instead of just being satisfied with my take of ‘he’s good’, apparently that’s not good enough. ‘COLIN, WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO DO TO PROVE YOU WRONG!’... I don’t know, not get outplayed by Jordan Love? Have one complete game?
How about I list what I believe is reasonable – based on talent, ceiling, overall play, big games, how much you rely on the talent and coach -- let’s go to our ‘Patrick Pyramid.’ Patrick Mahomes (1) is at the top, nobody argues that. The second level, Joe Burrow (2) has beaten Mahomes in a playoff game, only Brady has done that. Josh Allen (3) and Burrow are the closest who can go toe-to-toe in shootouts with Mahomes. The third row is ‘different’ players physically. Lamar (4), Herbert (5), and Stafford (6). Mahomes now acknowledges that he started copying the arm angles of Stafford. Stafford was on a heater last year for about ten games and was the best quarterback in the league. Herbert with Harbaugh, I think you’re going to finally see the kid who broke all the rookie passing records. For all the criticism of Lamar Jackson, there is nothing like him in the NFL and he wins 76% of his games. The next level is CJ Stroud (7), who I think shows signs of being a top five quarterback in the league. Jalen Hurts (8), in the MVP running, went to the Super Bowl, went toe-to-toe with Mahomes. Jared Goff (9) has been to two conference championships, and is a top 5-6 thrower of the football. You know how I feel about Kyler Murray (10). They say he was the best high school quarterback in Texas ever, and got poorly-run Arizona to the playoffs. Trevor Lawrence (11) was a number one pick. Dak Prescott (12) wins 12 a year, Aaron Rodgers (13) is off an Achilles surgery but he has to be somewhere on this list. Jordan Love (14) had a remarkable ten weeks, and then Tua (15) has gotten MVP votes.
I don’t think this is unrealistic [not having Brock Purdy listed]. I don’t have Kirk Cousins in there who has been a B+ quarterback for seven years. And The Athletic had an article comparing Drew Brees to Brock Purdy?? HAHA, I’m sorry. I think he’s ‘good’, but I think all the other guys are better than just ‘good.’ It’s not hate, he’s ‘good.’ Dinner was ‘good’. ‘How was your day at work? Good.’ ‘How do you think the show was today? Good’. That’s not a criticism. ‘Great’ is really rare with anything.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd scoff at a recent article ran in The Athletic comparing Brock Purdy to future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees, wondering how a guy who Colin would only label as ‘good’ could warrant such an honorable comparison to a player as esteemed as Brees.

Check out the segment above as Colin releases his ‘Patrick Pyramid’ on the three tiers of quarterbacks under Patrick Mahomes at the top of the pyramid, naming 14 other quarterbacks that he would rank above Purdy on the NFL QB hierarchy.

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