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LeBron James is an Insufferable Narcissist

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Listen to YouTube sports documentarian Jay Skapinac of the YouTube channel Skap Attack blast '40-year-old man-child' LeBron James for attending game four of the Cavaliers vs. Celtics second round series in Cleveland on Monday, and appearing to be making some sort of veiled threat towards possibly leaving Los Angeles for Cleveland this off-season.

All of this while the Lakers also have to balance an awkward scenario of over-drafting LeBron's son Bronny James in the June 27th NBA Draft just to appease LeBron's self-interests, and also the potential of hiring former NBA player J.J. Redick as their next head coach, who just so happens to now be hosting a new podcast with LeBron.

Check out the segment below as Skapinac rips the 'insufferable narcissist' LeBron for once again trying to hijack the attention of the NBA Finals, and holding the Lakers franchise hostage under a circus tent.

Jay Skapinac: “The insufferable narcissist LeBron James, who must continue to put himself front and center in these NBA playoffs despite his speedy elimination in the form of a gentleman's sweep at the hands of Nikola Jokic, refuses to just take his a** to Cancun or Galveston, or wherever the hell players are going fishing these days. The prodigal self-proclaimed ‘King’ returned home to Cleveland Monday night to take in Game 4 of the Cavaliers/Celtics second round matchup with his wife Savannah underneath all of those banners he hung. Well, I guess only one real one surrounded by conference championship banners. But hey, at least it's better than the one he hung in LA this year. For whatever reason, this busted loser fan base couldn't help but give this guy a few standing ovations. The murmurings can now officially begin on whether or not LeBron is going to return home in free agency this summer.  
For what it's worth, James does still maintain a house near his hometown of Akron, but there is as close to a 0% chance as there can possibly be that LeBron is heading home to actually play basketball. The Cavs are in the second round of the playoffs, which is a hell of a lot further than LeBron has been able to make it for the most part during his six-year tenure in LA, and many will likely be reading into the fact that this is the first game James has attended since leaving the team for a second time back in 2018. Adding to the equation was the warm reception he received from the fans and it all makes for a perfect storm of exactly what LeBron was looking for – ATTENTION, plus the added bonus of sending a little message back to the Lakers organization. 
But James isn't going anywhere. He has amassed a cozy little confab with the Lakers front office, as he has virtually taken over general manager duties at this time. They just broke head coach Darvin Ham off, and they are also currently fishing for some perennial All-Star caliber third option to pair with the top 10 player in Anthony Davis they already have. All of whom can just serve as another near-league best supporting cast to help hand deliver James another garbage title, but who could also easily serve in the vital capacity of ‘Fall Guy’ and scapegoat at the drop of a hat to cover up for any additional and repeated failures by the ‘chosen one.’  
All of this while son, Bronny, who is going to be riding that nepotism pony onto LA's roster sometime this summer, is currently participating in the ongoing draft combine as we speak He's allegedly ‘impressing’ with his shooting drills and his 40-inch vertical leap. Which should come in handy since he officially measured in at 6’1 ½" despite being listed at 6'4” since he was in high school. 
Yeah, LeBron isn't going anywhere, and it is unclear why this battered spouse of a fan base would even be clamoring for his return in the first place. Are things really this bleak in Cleveland these days? Begging for a guy's return who stabbed them in the back twice? The first of which being in a highly publicized ‘F YOU’ to the entire city of Cleveland during a 75-minute nationally televised cringe-fest ‘The Decision’. LeBron has spent 11 of his 21 NBA seasons in Cleveland, delivering them a grand total of one NBA championship. A return to the East from a standpoint of actually being able to get back into the NBA Finals from a logistical standpoint does make the most sense for LeBron, but then why does LeBron need or want to add another Finals LOSS to his already underwhelming playoff ledger? 
According to the ‘cringe king’, he is still yet to make up his most recent decision. Until then, those eager teams will just have to breathlessly await an answer as to if they might be the next ‘lucky’ franchise who gets to be hijacked by a 40-year-old man-child, all to be battling it out for play-in tournament positioning in the last week of the season. 
After all, THAT is LeBron's kingdom."

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