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Browns Fans Should Thank Baker Mayfield For Making Their Team Cool Again

Photo: Jason Miller

Rich Davis: “Baker Mayfield, I’m rooting big time for this guy. I always thought that Baker Mayfield was a guy who was easy to root for. A lot of other people would hate on Baker but he brought a vibe to Cleveland that they had not seen in years. They were 1-31 leading up to when Mayfield became a Cleveland Brown. He gave them an identity. They were a nobody in ‘Nowhereville’ to within a year or so being in the conversation of Super Bowl favorites and playoff contenders. It made free agents want to actually possibly go to Cleveland. Baker Mayfield essentially took a team that nobody cared about that had 40 quarterbacks in 40 years it seemed, and became ‘The Guy’. Baker was the first quarterback in Cleveland since Bernie Kosar that meant anything, where you could be like ‘Cleveland has a quarterback that isn’t some lame duck or looking to replace.’ There was a point where Baker and the Browns became must-watch football where for what seemed like decades they were garbage. He came with hype, so to even come close to the hype he came with is impressive. You can make a list of all the quarterbacks who were going to change around the Browns and it didn’t work for anyone except this guy. Unless you call the only prize the Lombardi Trophy, he came as close as you can to doing what is expected. You’re looking at a guy who is in TV commercials, he’s likeable, he has a back and forth with Cowherd about the backwards hats, he played hurt, and he was a personality in the NFL that delivered. Browns fans should part ways with Baker and look at it as a positive chapter for the Cleveland Browns because you’re team was 1-31 leading into the Baker era.”
Steve Covino: “He made the casual fan want to tune into the Browns. He brought a swag to the Browns. You wanted to see what he was going to do. He has a confidence about him that you’re like ‘Is he going to back it up? Let’s tune in and find out.’ He dealt with a lot of criticism and I think he handled it pretty well.”

Listen to Steve Covino and Rich Davis, guest-hosting on The Dan Patrick Show, explain why they believe fans should forever hold Baker Mayfield in high regard for bringing swag back to Cleveland and turning the previously irrelevant Browns into must-see football.

Check out the audio above as Steve and Rich detail why they suddenly find themselves pulling for Mayfield to succeed in Carolina.

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