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The Real Reason Why the Kevin Durant Trade Market Has Been So Low

Colin Cowherd: “According to Brian Windhorst there is no bidding war for Kevin Durant. The Nets thought there would be a bidding war but there is not. Not many people are interested, and now that the Rudy Gobert trade has screwed up the market, the idea that you have to give up a lot for Kevin Durant -- people aren’t that interested. Look at the top of the NBA right now – Boston, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Golden State… those aren’t All-Star teams. Golden State has some good players but Draymond is past his prime, and Klay was coming off a brutal injury. If talent alone won championships, then Kentucky and John Calipari would have seven, not one. We’ve been trained to believe that more talent always wins, it’s the Olympic model, the Dream Team stuff. But take our Olympic basketball teams; any time they face a chemistry-rich, cohesive, well-coached international team in the Olympics with a couple of NBA guys, the games are kind of close. We won the gold by beating France by five and the game was in doubt with four minutes to play. Their best player was Rudy Gobert but they had a good coach, they had chemistry, they had cohesion. Our Olympic team lost a couple of games early as we were developing cohesion to far less talented teams. If you bring Kevin Durant onto your team everything changes. He may not like the coach, you have to give up some of your bench, and you have to give up your future. They had to get rid of Kenny Atkinson in Brooklyn and now he’s a great young coach on Golden State and everybody wants him. But Kevin Durant wanted Steve Nash. They had a really good bench but had to give up some of that. The chemistry was great and then they screwed it up with KD and Kyrie. You have to give up stuff to get KD, and now because of the Rudy Gobert deal, you’re going to have to give up more. KD gets hurts a lot… OK when he gets hurt we can rely on our bench – oh yeah, we gave it up to get him. I like Kevin Durant but he’s needy and you have to surrender a lot. If you look at the top of the NBA, it’s not All-Star stuff, it’s chemistry stuff. The trifecta that everybody fawns over is KD, Kyrie, and Harden, but if you take the Steph years out of KD’s career, and the LeBron years out of Kyrie’s career, two very stable true leaders… KD, Kyrie, and Harden have played 35 years in this league and have no titles. It’s about cohesion, coaching, chemistry, and bench play, and these guys blow it up.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the trade market for Kevin Durant has been so disillusioned and aloof despite the 33-year-old still performing at an All-NBA First Team caliber.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the league has finally caught onto the fact that guys like Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden blow up teams rather than actually save them.

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