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Don't Trust Anything Dr. Fauci Says When it Comes to COVID-19 and the NFL

White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds Daily Briefing At The White House
(Full Audio Segment at Bottom of Page) Ben Maller: “It's astonishing how much muscle Dr. Fauci has with very few people questioning him... I’m not sitting here trying to be some kind of shock jock but I’m telling you that I’m betting on football. It is puzzling to me, and I’m not saying just Dr. Fauci because he was pretty quiet, but so many of these public health officials were out there encouraging people to take to the streets to riot and to loot and to pillage cities – THAT was okay. But playing football is taboo?? That doesn’t smell right to me. You can put it in that ‘gas lighting’ category. Make your bloody mind up! Either it’s not safe to go outside, or it is. I actually liked Dr. Fauci when he first popped up on the radar, and he seemed like a good guy, but the more I hear him talk, the more I think this guy is a knucklehead. When you look at the moves that have been made, and the outcome of that for people’s lives and their livelihoods, you gotta have a higher batting average. If Fauci was a baseball player, I would have sent him to the Minor Leagues. He’s hitting way below the Mendoza Line. We are talking about the life’s work of someone being flushed down the toilet because of some interesting decisions that have been made. I know Fauci has got an amazing resume, but you’re looking at the results of these predictions and you’re like ‘what the hell??’… Dr. Fauci appears to be on an island, because as far as the NFL is concerned there are not many experts other than Fauci that have suggested this doom and gloom situation.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s not buying Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent comments that painted a grim picture towards the start of the NFL season in September, saying ‘it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall’, and adding that the league would have to essentially coexist in complete isolation

The comments obviously became front-page news, as sports fans were dealt another devastating body blow for a season's outlook, with the MLB on pins and needles in a labor dispute, and the NBA feeling political division within.

Fauci has been a polarizing figure the past few months to say the least, as he at times has been heralded as a hero and respected as a forerunner, at times been criticized for his flippant backpedaling, and even at times labeled as a convenient bureaucrat and political operative being passed around both aisles.

The damaging timeline began when Fauci said on January 21st that the coronavirus was ‘not a major threat’ for people in the US. Less than a week later on January 26th, Fauci said ‘the American people should not be worried or frightened by this’ and ‘it’s a very, very low risk to the United States’. Three weeks later on February 17th, Fauci said that the risk of COVID-19 infection in the US was ‘miniscule.’

Check out the audio below as Maller explains why Fauci’s history of bad predictions concerning COVID-19, unfortunately a common trend in the health community the entire year, is not making him take Fauci’s dire comments about the 2020 NFL season seriously at all.

Don't Trust Anything Dr. Fauci Says When it Comes to COVID-19 and the NFL