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Clay Travis: It's Safer For College Athletes to Be on Campus than At Home

Clay Travis: “College football, when you look at the athletes themselves, they are not necessarily in any more danger on campus than they would be elsewhere… The argument is out there of ‘How in the world can you play college football with the coronavirus cases out there, and put these kids under this much danger? What happens if some of those players get sick and God forbid, what if some of those players get hospitalized or die??' That’s the argument out there that the ‘corona bros’ of the world will make. When you unpack that argument you see that there is not a lot of truth to it. It’s possible that a college-aged athlete could die from the coronavirus, but I have not heard anyone point out that college athletes are under a greater risk factor ON campus than they would be OFF campus. When you look at all of the medical treatment and the medical care that is available to these athletes, they’re actually safer on campus than they would be off campus. ON campus they are regularly being tested by medical professionals to see whether or not they have this virus. The vast majority of players testing positive either have no symptoms at all, or they have very mild symptoms. Many of these kids would not even know they have the coronavirus unless they were being tested for it. On a college campus, if you start to fall ill you are far more likely to be caught early. If you’re living at home in an apartment, or condo, or house with your family that’s actually been shown to be one of the places this thing spreads the most, and in settings like that where you’re not surrounded by medical professionals and you’re not being tested on a day-to-day basis to see whether or not you might have the virus. Contrary to arguments that the fear porn purveyors wanna put into the atmosphere of ‘OMG what happens if one of these players tests positive and ends up hospitalized or ends up dying??' it’s an awful story but it isn’t actually the case that they’re under more danger of that happening on a college campus than it would of happening OFF a college campus… The best place from a health perspective is probably on campus. All of these players are receiving better medical care and better medical treatment on campuses than they would be if they were living by themselves on their own… I have yet to hear anybody explain why a player is under more danger playing a sport than they would be living their ordinary life.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks it will actually be safer for college football players to be ON campus than OFF it when it comes to the sport attempting to return from the coronavirus pandemic in the fall.

Check out the video as above as Clay details why most media members are only acknowledging the fact that these players COULD get sick playing college sports, but aren't giving proof that their chances of getting COVID-19 on campus, with constant medical attention no less, would be any higher than their chances of getting while living their normal lives, which would likely still include going to gyms to lift weights, and hanging out with friends.

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