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Dan Snyder Finally Agrees to Remove 'Redskins' Name and Logo From Franchise

New Washington Redskin cornerback Deion Sanders (C

The Washington Redskins are retiring their name and logo after years of criticism that it is offensive to Native Americans. Last week, the team announced they were conducting a "thorough review" of the name after FedEx, which owns the naming rights to their stadium, asked them to change it.

"That review has begun in earnest," the team said in a statement on Monday (July 13). "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward. Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review."

The team had been facing mounting pressure to change their name. In addition to the request from FedEx, 87 investors and shareholders wrote a letter to FedEx, PepsiCo, and Nike, asking them to cut ties with the organization. Nike responded by pulling the team's merchandise from their online store. Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other retailers followed suit.

The team did not announce what their new name or logo will be.

"[Owner] Dan Snyder and Coach [Ron] Rivera are working closely to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the standing of our proud, tradition rich franchise and inspire our sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years."

According to ESPNthe team will keep the red and gold color scheme but will not use any Native American iconography when designing their new logo. Instead, they are looking at ways to incorporate the military into their new name.

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