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Stop Making Excuses For 'Bad Quarterback' Sam Darnold

Stop Making Excuses For 'Bad Quarterback' Sam Darnold
Jason Smith: “Sam Darnold has been one of the three worst quarterbacks in the NFL the last couple of years, I’m absolutely fine with what the Jets did. He just never ‘flashed’. As soon as this trade went down ‘#GoodForSam’ was trending on Twitter. I shake my head because these are really people that think that it’s the entire team’s fault, and it’s not the quarterback's fault. It was everything about the Jets with why Sam Darnold stunk except Sam Darnold. It was the ‘offensive line’, he didn’t have the ‘weapons’, he didn’t have the ‘right coach’, NONE of the blame goes to Darnold. He’s the ‘Jennifer Aniston’ of quarterbacks because people are going to still keep giving him chances, and making excuses for his career. The bottom line is the guy has not been a good quarterback. He’s been one of the lowest-rated passers in the NFL in the last couple years and he was BAD from his rookie year to year three. He never got better and he showed no sustained signs of getting it long-term. He missed open wide receivers routinely. Not only did he overthrow them, but he missed seeing his secondary and tertiary wide receivers repeatedly, and it was a source of big frustration with the Jets; how do you not see this downfield?? He had no 300-yard passing games when his team was getting blown out. Two hundred yards was a big day for Sam Darnold. In the NFL where everyone is throwing for touchdowns, he throws for nine. I don’t get all the excuses thinking you just have to get Darnold to an entirely different team… Sam Darnold is just not very good, I don’t care how you cut it up, and there is nothing he has shown to make you think he can be a next-level quarterback. If he was really going to be good the Jets would have kept him.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith, a self-proclaimed Jets homer, explain why he’s tired of all the sympathetic media members excusing former third overall pick Sam Darnold’s three nightmare seasons with the New York Jets and applauding his future aspects with the Carolina Panthers.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the media needs to stop giving this guy a pass, and why the people defending him obviously haven't been watching Jets games very closely.

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